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You’re so over dieting. We all are. If you want to get healthy and feel happy for the long haul you need inspiring tools and ongoing support.

Membership provides you with countless eBooks available now and every eBook YU publishes in the future. Get shopping lists, meal plans and access to the members-only group, too.

Stay motivated, connect with other like-minded folks and get the tools you need to change habits and build a healthy life.

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YumUniverse Membership documents are Adobe Acrobat PDF files that you simply download to read on your computer, laptop, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

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YU Membership

Designed to help with every step—
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Members immediately receive unlimited access to:

  • All YU-published eBooks and Kits available now and in the future. Please note that YumUniverse books and ebooks published by BenBella Books are not included with membership at this time.
  • A 12-week Meal Plan Subscription (shopping lists,  recipes and tips)
  • 3 eBooks (recipes, know-how, etc.) that accompany the printed YumUniverse Book
  • Access to the exclusive YU member community  (support, Q&A, connection, inspiration)
  • Member-only deals and discounts • First notification of news and special events
  • Bonus: 34-page Welcome Packet full of info,  charts and tips
  • Bonus: 20 Motivational Posters (print out and  hang at home or the office to remind yourself that  you’re worth it)
  • Bonus: The Non-Dairy Milks Poster/Guide
  • Bonus: Herbs Poster/Guide
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Go from Health-Conscious to Health-Wise

  • Have hundreds of plant-based, gluten-free, soy-free recipes at your fingertips
  • Stay prepared with 12-weeks worth of meal plans and shopping lists
  • Stock your pantry for success
  • Use food as healing, preventative medicine
  • Learn something new every day
  • Quiet Mr. Sweet Tooth
  • Save money and get the tools to shop smarter
  • Learn how to maximize time and plan ahead
  • Organize and customize your journey with printable letter format documents
  • Become a master at basic kitchen how-tos and techniques
  • Stay inspired and get comfy with kitchen improv so nothing can knock you off course
  • Master family meal time, even if you have picky kiddos, veg-heads and omnivores sharing the table
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Membership Investment:

YumUniverse Membership is a non-refundable investment. YU digital offerings are treated the same way most music and book retailers do—no refunds on downloaded or read products since there is no way to return them. No exceptions. Your membership will not only reap countless rewards, but your payment helps us maintain YumUniverse.com so we can offer you more expectation-exceeding, incomparable products in the future.

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Love for YU


I’ve always been a relatively healthy eater, but after purchasing YU Membership and transforming my diet to predominantly plant-based foods, I’m shocked at how much better I feel. I love how much work and creativity Heather puts into Membership, not to mention each recipe. I’ve completely changed the way I store and prepare food, and it’s been great to share Heather’s healthy recipes with family and friends. I highly recommend this plan for anyone looking to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diet!


The YU Membership materials are impressive resources—beautifully designed and photographed, too. What I love most is that they’re whole-food based, using a variety of amazing plant foods without being complicated or rabbit-foodish. It’s all just delicious. And the bonus Welcome Packet is really well done—a great resource for someone new to this way of eating.


Heather’s creativity & passion for real, wholesome, plant-based food is contagious!


YumUniverse is a lifestyle change. It’s teaching me to look at my surroundings and become a better person, and helping me improve the lives of my loved ones and the incredible connection with other people that are on this journey like me! It’s the best thing I’ve done in years.


When I became a member, I had been following a plant-based diet for two years or so. YU put a fun spin on plant based eating with a beautiful format and enticing recipes. I love the fact that you continue to inspire on a daily basis. Membership has brought a lot of joy to my life through the community of like-minded friends I have made, and also the excitement of creating a delicious meal in my own home! I highly recommend Membership—it provides you with endless inspiration to take health into your own hands.


When I found YU, I was a struggling vegetarian trying very hard to make meals for my family that would taste great and give us the nutrition we needed. I felt that I would fail due to lack of support and not really knowing how to make it all work—I was extremely overwhelmed. As I studied YU and tried a few recipes, I knew that I was home! Becoming a member has transformed my kitchen, my knowledge and has given me the support and confidence I was looking for.


I’m an active, plant-based 67-year-old. Prior to that I was 60 lbs heavier, pre-diabetic, overweight and had high cholesterol. I was so happy to discover YumUniverse because I was becoming bored with my limited menus—the first few YU recipes were like heaven! YU has brought joy back into my dining experience and THAT is a recipe for success. I am so enthusiastic about YU. The food is healthy and fabulous, the format is beautiful and the shopping lists are the bomb. Love it all!