YumUniverse Pantry to Plate

A one-of-a-kind recipe playbook with almost 100 new recipes and 30 mix-and-match recipe templates that home cooks can infinitely customize.



YumUniverse: More Than a Cookbook

150+ plant-powerful, gluten-free recipes for anyone who wants the WHY, HOW and EATS to build a healthy lifestyle.



3-Month Meal Plan Subscription

12 weekly eBook-style full photo meal plans complete with shopping lists and adaptations for mixed diet households.



The YU Test Drive Kit

Try out a plant-based diet for 5 days with this 3-eBook kit complete with a meal plan, shopping list and more.



Dairy Freedom

Learn all about plant-based replacements for baking, cheese, dips, ice cream, milk and evenyogurt with this photo-rich eBook.



30 Dinners

Tips, step-by-step photos and 30 plant-based recipes that both your vegan cousin and BBQ-lovin’ Uncle will demand seconds of.



The China Study All-Star Collection Cookbook

Over a dozen YU recipes are featured in this “All-Star Collection” cookbook from a wide variety of plant-inspired chefs.