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Heather Crosby

Author, former veggie phobe, recipe developer, and wellness advocate who is dedicated to sharing the infinite possibilities for a happy, healthy life.

Heather is the founder of YumUniversity’s Good Food Cooking School and Gluten-Free Baking Academy. She believes that making healthy, allergy-free food choices shouldn’t feel like deprivation. She creates judgement-free platforms for life-long learning and inspiration. Comfort, tradition, and great taste without sacrifice.



The YumUniverse Pantry to Plate Cookbook

YumUniverse author (Book #2 May 2017!) Plantiful, gluten-free recipes, meal plans + GF.

Berry season has begun around here and I’m reminded of a simple and elegant trick I learned from @sagereed_ (@hotelsvala) years ago... grab a strong stalk of grass w/a fluffy end and use it to skewer your collections. This is helpful when out hiking and you come upon a blackberry or wineberry patch and you just gotta take some home. ❤️💙🖤⁠
GFCS members: use the Strawberry Cobbler recipe in the Good Food Cooking Basics course for all sorts of berries solo or in combination. If you aren’t a member yet, link in bio to get on the waitlist, we’re opening up soon for some “summer” cooking school and all insiders will get a code for $100 OFF on Monday. ⁠
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Sooooo excited about summer school—yep, the Good Food Cooking Basics course OPENS MONDAY! It’s designed to help beginner cooks make the most of their gardens and farmers’ markets this season. 8+ hours of on-demand learning so you can do what’s best for your schedule. Learn how to use herbs and spices, how to chop all of the veggies without chopping your fingers, and have a robust collection of recipes ready for summer BBQs and cooking in general. We’ve made some changes and once you sign up you get it ALL at once. No more waiting. ALSO, SAVE $100 if you sign up for the waitlist via the bio link—we’ll send you an insider’s code to use first thing Monday morning. Hope you can join us!⁠