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Heather Crosby

Author, former veggie phobe, recipe developer, and wellness advocate who is dedicated to sharing the infinite possibilities for a happy, healthy life.

Making healthy, allergy-free food choices shouldn’t feel like deprivation. YumUniverse is a judgement-free zone dedicated to sharing tools, recipes, and resources to eat more of the foods that make us feel great inside and out—comfort, tradition, and great taste without sacrifice.

The YumUniverse Pantry to Plate Cookbook

YumUniverse author (Book #2 May 2017!) Plantiful, gluten-free recipes, meal plans + GF.

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Instagram post 2105319450816190119_257125671 My #dahlia patch continues to amaze me. I mean, what is going on here?! Magic. Pure magic.⁠
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Instagram post 2104852704245668340_257125671 Are you guys saving your citrus rinds to make some homemade surface/window cleaner yet? You should! Easy recipe in the bio... 🍋🍊⁠⠀
#naturalcleaner #citruscleaner #diysurfacecleaner
Instagram post 2096621718230836143_257125671 My garden is packed with herbs this time of year. The oregano bush is as big as a tree and the rosemary just laughs at the oregano, calling it “puny” in comparison. The thyme is creeping over the planter and the dill is rivaling the sunflowers. It’s time to start drying and storing herbs for future use... bio link for all my tips including my favorite flavor bombs made simply by packing ice cube trays with herbs, topping with oil, and freezing. Just drop them in a skillet with veggies, rice, grains, or greens and boom: dinner.

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Instagram post 2095172253491453227_257125671 When I was a little girl, my grandfather (we called him “Daudie” to go with my grandmother’s moniker “Maudie”) used to put black pepper on his cantaloupe. After I tried it the first time, I knew I’d never question anything he ever served me from then on out. It was subtle brilliance and it planted a seed for many recipes to come—Black Pepper & Cantaloupe Granita is in my first book thanks to him.

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