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Instagram post 2227938130367278643_257125671 I’m so inspired by Appalachian cuisine. I’ve been working on various seasonal menus for years (paw paws! Wine berries! Dandelion!) and this weekend I finally get to make and serve some of my creations. I’ve made an Appalachian playlist, I’m dancing around the kitchen, and all my love is going into creating the 5-course tasting feast I’ve been dreaming of. This is the filling for my twist on an Appalachian stack cake. It’s sticky, tart, sweet magic I’ll layer between cake w/caramel. 🥞Gotta go! Timer’s going off... 💕

#appalachianfood #comfortfood #stackcake
Instagram post 2221942510808587161_257125671 Making some fun, Appalachian-inspired tweaks to the Cornbread recipe from @glutenfreebakingacademy. Almost there...💛 🌽💛 #glutenfree #glutenfreecornbread
Instagram post 2219872318771244592_257125671 It’s my birthday today, and I love that I want to spend a good chunk of it in my favorite place: my kitchen. It’s going to be an incredible year, I know it. I’ve been building a few things behind the scenes for a while now and I finally get to share it with you soon. I’m grateful to all of you who are interested in what I have to share. Creating is what makes my heart sing. Excited for what’s to come. 🎈
Instagram post 2211201763297957162_257125671 I know I’m posting a lot of baked goodies lately but it’s what I’m working on these days! And just L👀K at this new @glutenfreebakingacademy sandwich loaf I cut into today! Waiting for it too cool was torture. I also have another BIG non-bread project coming too—can’t wait to share it all with you in 2020. It’s been a few years of building, I’m SO ready to share! 💛🍞🌱 #countdown

#glutenfreebakingacademy #glutenfreebread #glutenfree #glutenfreebaking