YU Test Drive Kit



Curious about going plant-based but not sure where to begin?

Want to simply clean up your diet for a week?

The YU Test Drive Kit is a 3-eBook bundle complete with a 5-day meal plan, shopping list, step-by-step troubleshooting tips and inspiration for one week (and beyond).

Baby Steps

Making dietary changes can seem overwhelming at first, but the key is to start small. One. Step. At. A. Time.

It’s kinda like learning a new language. With each new word you learn, you gain confidence.

The YU Test Drive Kit helps you get acquainted with new recipes and techniques and I hold your hand the whole week through—everything is pretty much done for you. Recipes, step-by-step instructions, shopping list and photos help yougo plant-based for one whole week.

The YU Test Drive Kit is a collection of Adobe Acrobat PDF files that you simply download to read on your computer, laptop, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

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The YU Test Drive Kit is designed so you can easily print out on 8.5″ x 11″ sheets and save your inspiration and recipes in a custom binder. Build your own go-to library.

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What You Get with The YU Test Drive:

  • 3 beautifully designed, photo-rich interactive eBooks
  • A realistic 5-day meal plan, complete with shopping list and  recipes (gluten-free and plant-based)
  • Printable charts that you can take shopping to decode labels
  • My favorite info and tips for continued success and inspiration
  • A comprehensive plant protein chart
  • Printable chart that you can put in your purse/wallet to help you decide when you should buy organic and when you can skip it
  • A printable shopping list template that you can update weekly
  • A Welcome eBook that provides all the A’s to your Q’s before  you even need to ask them
  • All of my secrets and how-tos for stocking your kitchen like a pro and how to best store foods of all kinds so nothing goes to waste
  • Support, resources and tips for going plant-powerful for more than one week (because I know YU will want more)
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Return Policy:

The YU Test Drive Kit is a non-refundable investment. YU digital offerings are treated the same way most music and book retailers do—no refunds on downloaded or read products since there is no way to return them. No exceptions. Your subscription will not only reap countless rewards, but your payment helps us maintain YumUniverse.com so we can offer you more expectation-exceeding, incomparable products in the future.

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Love for YU


The abundance of resources that YU provides is insane. When I talk to friends about YU, I always am sure to tell them that the YU website is well rounded, that it not only is a great place for recipes, but it offers answers to the “whys” behind a plant-based diet and lifestyle. The site always feels very personalized and warm, and I get really excited when I see new additions!


I love the various recipes, tips and community that YumUniverse has to offer. There are so many great resources. I recommend it to many of my clients, especially if they are interested in learning more about going Vegan.


There is so much useful information available on YumUniverse.com that there are really no excuses for not embarking on the path to a clean, plant-based diet, and for learning about how interesting, tasty and non-boring a wholefoods diet can be!


My very favorite thing about The YU Test Drive is its encouraging tone. It isn’t intimidating and Heather makes it so fun and accessible for everyone.

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