30 Dinners—A collection of plant-based dinners and tips for herbivore/omnivore households.

30 Dinners

Stay inspired with “best of” classic YumUniverse dinners that everyone at your table—the meat eaters and the veggie junkies—will love.

Get almost 70 pages of recipes, charts, tips and know-how that keep cooking, planning and shopping fun.

Plant-powerful isn’t about deprivation, and with 30 Dinners the omnivores and herbivores at your table will agree. Stay inspired with:

  • 30 classic, plant-based, gluten-free YumUniverse recipes
  • Adaptation suggestions and substitution recommendations
  • Ideas for how to prepare one plant-based dinner that satisfies everyone—no preparing separate meals!
  • Information, charts, shopping tips and other useful goodies
  • Easily printable letter-sized format (psst:customize a binder!)

30 Dinners is an Adobe Acrobat PDF file that you simply download to read on your computer, laptop, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Click here for more information.


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YumUniverse 30 Dinners eBook in NAKED Binder

Love for YumUniverse

There is so much useful information available on YumUniverse.com that there are really no excuses for not embarking on the path to a clean, plant-based diet, and for learning about how interesting, tasty and non-boring a wholefoods diet can be!
I love the various recipes, tips and community that YumUniverse has to offer. There are so many great resources. I recommend it to many of my clients, especially if they are interested in learning more about going Vegan.
I was health conscious, but not as health “wise” as I thought I was. Not only does YumUniverse offer you what you need to boost your health and wellness, it provides practical wisdom super-tips that making cooking more fun and easy, plus loads of encouragement. What’s not to love?
The abundance of resources that YU provides is insane. When I talk to friends about YU, I always am sure to tell them that the YU website is well rounded, that it not only is a great place for recipes, but it offers answers to the “whys” behind a plant-based diet and lifestyle. The site always feels very personalized and warm, and I get really excited when I see new additions!