3 Months of Meal Plans
(Updated and Expanded Second Edition)



You want to eat healthy but you’re busy, so finding time to plan weekly meals and write a shopping list each week can be the only hurdle keeping you from achieving your health goals.

It’s why I created this 90-day meal plan subscription. I’ve done all the weekly planning for you for three whole months. Recipes, shopping lists, prep sheets, the works.

All recipes provide easy adaptations for mixed-diet meals, too—bases are covered.

Meal Plan Subscription documents are Adobe Acrobat PDF files that you simply download to read on your computer, laptop, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

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• A Kickstart Guide full of planning tips, lifestyle suggestions, shopping charts

• Substitution Cheat Sheet—adjust recipes to fit your needs

• 12 recipes per week (breakfast, lunch, dinner) + snack and dessert ideas, too

• A colorful 20+ page eBook sent to your inbox once a week

• Weekly prep sheet—prepare in advance

• Freezer and fridge tips for each recipe

• Tips to help you master a healthy lifestyle

• Soaking, prep and cooking times for each recipe

• Weekly shopping list—check off ingredients when using tablet/computer

• 23 cooking/prep how-tos and videos

• 13 total eBooks—one sent to your inbox once a week for 12 weeks

• PDF format—load onto phone/tablet and take shopping

• Step-by-step photos—get comfy with ingredients/techniques

• Adaptation ideas with each recipe (for times you’re unprepared, don’t have an ingredient or just want to try something different)

• Healthy snack and dessert suggestions each week

• Ideas to keep everyone happy, without creating separate meals

• Printable charts to help make shopping easier

• Over 300 total pages of recipes and inspiration

• Clean, plant-based, whole-food, gluten-free recipes

• Letter format—print and customize a binder

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Return Policy:

Meal Plan Subscription is a non-refundable investment. YU digital offerings are treated the same way most music and book retailers do—no refunds on downloaded or read products since there is no way to return them. Your subscription will not only reap countless rewards, but your payment helps us maintain YumUniverse.com so we can offer you more expectation-exceeding, incomparable products in the future. I’ve poured my heart and soul into this subscription and I know you’ll love these plans, so much so that here’s a free one if you want a sneak peek before committing. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Be sure to consult a physician that is in tune with the power of the diet-disease connection. Since there really isn’t a one-size fits all nutrition plan, you won’t find specific nutrition information with these plans. You will find a variety of creative, plant-based, gluten-free, whole food, nutrition-rich meals that will inspire you to eat more health-boosting foods. And these plans offer loads of tips, charts and links to help you customize them to fit your particular dietary needs. Note: some of these recipes include healthful oils, grains, nuts and seeds—you will receive a Kickstart Guide that includes a substitution cheat sheet to help you swap out any ingredients you may be allergic to.

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Love for The Meal Plan Subscription


I recommend YumUniverse to every one of my clients in my Nutritional Practice. Whether Vegan, Vegetarian, or Carnivore we all move our lives toward a plant-based way of living and Heather makes life in the kitchen fun and exciting, yet simple and straightforward.


YumUniverse is one of my personal favorite online food resources—excellent design, packed with plant-based, whole food recipes and beautiful photography.


I needed to commit to change and where I needed the most help was on the planning end of things. The meal plans were key to success, not just for planning and eating healthy, but I saved hundreds of dollars by being more organized in my approach to nutrition. YumUniverse keeps me inspired with new info and fantastic, easy-to-make recipes.


I love the meal plans—everything is already laid out for me and I don’t have to do much thinking! It’s taught me a lot of things I didn’t know (like using dried beans instead of canned) and has brought me out of my comfort zone in trying new foods (my new favorite: warmed grains on kale!)

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