I’m grateful to these talented and inspiring bloggers, websites and magazines for helping me pass on inspiration to people who care about their health. Thank YU.

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Heather Crosby Design Sponge

Design*Sponge interview

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Alive Magazine 4-spread feature: Plant-Powered Comfort Food by Heather Crosby


8-page feature in print issue of Thrive Magazine

The first book by Heather Crosby offers a creative collection of 150+ craveable recipes without meat, dairy, gluten or soy. This is more than a cookbook—it’s a treasure chest that will help you change habits and develop health-promoting recipes of your own for a lifetime.”

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Oh She Glows

Heather’s Toasted Super Seed Power Bread from YumUniverse
“Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to preview Heather Crosby’s new book, YumUniverse, while it was in the final stages of production. YumUniverse is a guidebook to living a gluten-free, plant-based, vibrant whole food life, and includes oodles of healthy recipes, photographs, and tips to get you started.”

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EPISODE #11 // Heather Crosby // Reclaim your health one vegetable at a time

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YumUniverse is voted the #3 Gluten-Free Blog by the Academy of Culinary Nutrition
“YumUniverse blogger Heather Crosby offers plant-inspired, gluten-free recipes — over 400 of them, in fact!”

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Heather Crosby

Heather Crosby on No Meat Athlete Radio

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Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 10.04.03 AM

YumUniverse by Heather Crosby is much more than a cookbook: it is an introduction to a holistic lifestyle, to tune the ‘static’ of our busy lives out and return to the basics: listening to yourself, your body, and paying more attention to the natural world around us.”

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YumUniverse is one of the Top Vegan Food Websites of 2014

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6 Pretty, Healthy Mason Jar Salad Recipes
Use mason jars to layer these salad recipes from YumUniverse’s Heather Crosby for a fast lunch of fresh and healthy ingredients.

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8 Guilt-Free Comfort Food Recipes Made Completely from Plants
From pizza to brownie recipes, ‘YumUniverse’ author Heather Crosby shows how plant food can be a tasty, healthy alternative to comfort food.

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Heather Crosby on The One Part Podcast
“Heather and I discuss how she took her health in her own hands when doctors weren’t giving her answers, how she went from eating her first salad at 19 to becoming a wellness expert, tips on getting a book published, and why she’s not as perfect as you might think…”

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HGTV: Design Happens

Mood Board Mondays—Beets! YumUniverse has a beet blush and lip gloss to share…

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Heather Crosby lives and cooks in the YumUniverse

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Interview Series: Heather Crosby

“Heather’s not interested in labeling you. Instead, she’s dedicated to helping folks incorporate more health-boosting whole, plant-based foods into their lives so we can all say ‘goodbye’ to dieting ‘hello’ to building a healthful, inspired lifestyle for the long haul.”

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Meal Planning Tips for the Busy Athlete, with YumUniverse’s Heather Crosby

Heather Crosby, creator of YumUniverse and author of the upcoming book by the same name, knows a thing or two about creating a healthy lifestyle…

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Julie Morris’s Must-Have Cookbook List
YumUniverse: This spunky manifesto to healthy living is more than a great cookbook; it’s a thorough guide to a healthier kitchen and lifestyle. Its fun-infused vibe makes it especially attractive to the younger crowd.

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“I think it’s appropriate that my first post of 2015 should be a tribute to Heather Crosby’s lovely cookbook, YumUniverse. I’m sure that most of my readers are quite familiar with Heather and her work; her website is a veritable treasure trove of plant-based recipes, and it’s also a fabulous source of information for the plant-based newbie (everything from stocking your pantry to sprouting 101). Heather’s passion and willingness to roll up her sleeves and help the aspiring vegetable eater get started truly sets her blog apart, and now that same spirit animates her collection of recipes.”

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Rabbit Hole Magazine

A Chat with Heather Crosby: The plant-based expert branches out into the book world with the launch of her new cookbook

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CS October 2014

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Golden Delicious: A Boozy Take on Apple Cider
Now we’d rather wake up looking bright-eyed and dewy-skinned like wellness coach Heather Crosby, the creator of the clean-eating website Yum Universe and a newly minted cookbook author…

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Greatist: YumUniverse

Coffee Talk: 19 Health Experts Reveal Exactly What’s in Their Mug Every Morning
“We often think of health experts as being superhuman with chiseled abs or crazy scientific dietary knowledge. (Conjugated linoleic acid? Is that Dothraki?) But they start their day the same way most of us do: with a cup of coffee…”

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Heather Crosby’s Fridge Tour
“Your fridge is kind of like a graveyard: smelly and riddled with ghosts of meals past. Resuscitate it (and your well-being) with today’s video: a peek into plant-based expert Heather Crosby’s fridge…

Praise the Gourd: An Underground Vegan Supper Club
“Developed by health guru Heather Crosby (YumUniverse) and chef Valerie Bolon, the roving resto debunks the myth that vegetarian/vegan food isn’t filling — or, for that matter, delicious…”

The YumUniverse Dinnerbell Meal Pickup
The last time you heard a dinner bell, you were picking ants on a log out of your braces. After years of wooing readers with tasty plant-based recipes, YumUniverse founder/healthy living guru Heather Crosby now prepares good-for-you meals to be picked up at a secret location…

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Cosmopolitan Logo

Low Calorie Desserts That Still Taste Like Heaven
“Don’t let desserts’ bad reputation discourage you. You can still get your sweet fix without undoing all the work you’ve been done at the gym. We tapped health-minded Chef Heather Crosby for low calorie dessert recipes that tally up to about 200 cals each…”
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A Beautiful Little Life

Adding more plant-based, gluten-free foods into your life just got a lot tastier.

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One Part Plant

Podcast: I’m a huge fan of YumUniverse and Heather Crosby.
She’s smart. She’s a cooking whiz. She’s cool… Heather is all about whole foods and feeding your body the good stuff. She knows that changing your diet can be hard as shit and approaches change with real kindness. Oh, and her recipes are freaking delicious. Basically, Heather rules.

The One Part Podcast Gift Guide: YumUniverse
I love this book! Such a great gift for the person in your life looking to be a little healthier. 

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YumUniverse wins a FBG Noshie!

YumUniverse wins 2013 FBG Noshie for Stuffed Jack-O-Lantern Peppers

“We already love stuffed peppers, but YumUniverse’s Stuffed Jack-O-Lantern Peppers are not only delicious and vegan, they’re also super duper fun. Halloween may be a scary time of year, but this recipe got a Noshie because it was so healthy, delicious and—wait for it—boo-tiful!”

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Chickpea Magazine

The Ultimate Non-Dairy Milk Guide in the Spring 2013 Issue of Chickpea Magazine
Preview here.

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YumUniverse: Refinery 29 Best Food Blog

YumUniverse is One of Refinery 29’s “Best Food Blogs

“Heather Crosby is the Yoda to my plant-based lifestyle. Come to YumUniverse for simple, palatable steps on how to move toward a plant-based lifestyle while not losing your sanity (definitely stay for the recipes, too).”

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2013 Food Blog Guide Top 10

The Vegan Woman’s Top 10 Blogs for 2013

With recipes in no fewer than 35 different categories, Heather from YumUniverse is a rising star on the plant-based, gluten-free stage! Her site is incredibly rich with recipes and I adore ‘Plant-Based Central’ which really steps the visitor through most everything they’re going to want to know about transitioning to a meat/dairy/cruelty-free lifestyle! Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

What I love about Yum Universe is that it has so much content available which includes not only recipes but so many other aspects of living a vegan lifestyle. The website is very professionally done and very inviting and packed full of features…Natalie Houlding

– – –

YumUniverse is one of BerryRipe’s TOP Vegetarian Blogs
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Firmly Planted: A How-To Guide to the Vegan Universe
“Chicagoan Heather Crosby makes a strong case for her plant-based lifestyle. Trim, blonde and glowing, she looks like the picture of vegan health. But making the switch was something even Crosby–now a recipe developer and nutrition coach–wishes she’d had some help with, which prompted her to create a website devoted to the practice, YumUniverse.”

– – –

Chicago Social/ Modern Luxury “Best of the City 2012”
“YumUniverse is a ‘one-stop shop for all things plant-based’” (download article)

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The Legendary Land of YumUniverse—Recommended by The Vegan Woman
“Can you imagine a world where delicious, vegan, and often gluten and allergy-free dishes are created and displayed in all their photogenic glory? …Let me take you to this magical vegan culinary place …”

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DC Holiday Cover2







“The second half of [YumUniverse]—the recipes—is a real revelation. The photography is light, bright and tempting; but the recipes are even better…”

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New book offers a creative approach to a gluten-free, dairy-free, plant-based (and everything in between) diet—A Q&A with Heather Crosby

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Putting a Little Yum in Your Universe

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Behold The Most Clicked Stories of 2010: The Nutrition Trends You Fell Hard for This Year
“Even carnivores swooned for the vegan recipe site YumUniverse.”
In the list of 5 VJ Reader’s Choices with Oprah’s favorite treat and BluePrint Cleanse! Honored.

Vital Spy: This rising star of conscious cuisine shares her healthy secrets
We think Heather Crosby’s hip recipe site YumUniverse and the 24 Carrot Supper Club, [her] underground vegan and gluten-free dinner party…make her the coolest …clean eating” advocate in Chicago.

– – –

A Yummy Offer from YumUniverse
“Heather is one of many food bloggers who puts me to shame; every time I head over to YumUniverse, it seems that she has yet another innovative, tasty recipe on offering, as well as exquisite photographs (as I fumble to catch a photo of my morning smoothie with my iPhone). Her food is always gluten free, and other allergy-specific options abound (including many soy free recipes)…”

– – –

YumUniverse’s Heather Crosby is a Veggie Virtuoso

Heather Crosby is a 2010 Editor’s Pick: Illinois Meetings & Events Magazine
“For designer and artist Heather Crosby, developing original recipes and cooking with unique foods is just one more way to explore her creative life. So after a career-inspiring road trip, YumUniverse was born with recipes and ideas for making healthy eating tasty and attainable”.
– – –

With a Big Bang, The YumUniverse is Born
“Late Thursday witnessed the launch of YumUniverse, a website of recipes and guidance for those who aspire to live a vegan, raw life. Founder Heather Crosby is in the captain’s chair for this new enterprise…”
– – –

Rawxy—Stop Everything and Make This Lasagna
“Stop everything and make this. Bookkeeping, I’ll get to you later… I love when I come across a recipe that stops me dead in my tracks and has me running to the store…”

– – –

YumUniverse’s Heather Crosby preaches plant-based eating
“Heather Crosby, founder of is one of Chicago’s freshest and most innovative forces on the food scene…”
– – –

Shamsub: Making a Healthy Version of the Shamrock Shake
“Heather is an amazing photographer and a food genius. She truly inspires me in the kitchen and is a constant reminder that healthy, clean (gluten-free, vegan and raw) food can be as decadent and delicious as any heavy meat dish you’d find at a fancy restaurant.”
– – –

Thriving on a Vegan Diet w/Heather Crosby
As I mentioned in previous blogs, I’m doing the Thrive in 30 vegan diet challenge with a group of friends. This week’s spotlight is on professional badass Heather Crosby

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Shamrock Shake Substitute: Vegan and Raw Alternative to Minty McDonald’s Treat
“Yup. McDonald’s should definitely go get themselves together. This [ShamWow Shake] is pretty damn good, I have to tell you.”
– – –

DailyFind Chicago—Three Ways to Eat More Greens
“A self-described ‘kale-lover,’ Crosby’s recipes are vegan, gluten-free, naturally sweetened, but most importantly —delicious!  She has a knack for developing genius dishes that appeal to plant- and meat-eaters alike.”

– – –

“A trio of summery recipes (including one for raw almond carrot pate!)”
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Multiple image postings including: Creamy Millet and Kale Salad, Raw Blueberry Jam, Raw Salty Sweet Kale Chips, Raw Fresh Mint Ice Cream, Gluten-Free Pie Crust Cookies, Raw Cacao Pudding, Amaranth Hemp Protein Poppers, Gluten-Free Vegan Vegetable Lasagna, Raw, Dairy-Free Soy-Free Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream
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PHOTOGRAZING: multiple image postings including: Raw, Dairy-Free Soy-Free Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream, Gluten-Free Pie Crust Cookies, Gluten-Free Vegan Vegetable Lasagna, Amaranth Hemp Protein Poppers, Vegan Chocolate Crunch Bars
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“Staying healthy and partying are hardly mutually exclusive these days. Acai cocktail anyone? Stop by Pilsen this evening for the launch of Heather Crosby’s new site YumUniverse.” d
– – – da


“Heather not only has great ideas but she is the master of controlled and elegant execution.”
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Other Fun Mentions:
GREAT IDEA:: Coconut H2O Ice Cubes?

Craft Gossip: Edible Crafts: Vegan Pie Crust Cut-Out Cookies
“These will definitely be bookmarked for my next vegan pot luck.”

EarthMother In the Raw: Ooooooh, Baby it’s Blueberry Season
“I felt like I hit the lottery recently when I discovered YumUniverse™. It’s definitely one of my new favorite haunts in cyberspace. Lots of fab food porn to explore, and these Mini Blueberry Cheesecakes and Blueberry Hemp Milk ought to keep your inner voyeur happy for awhile.”

Happy Foody: YumUniverse
“I love when I stumble across a new fabulous foody website!”

My Real Food Life: Dairy-Free Soy-Free Ricotta
“Check this out—Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Raw Ricotta cheese! The possibilities are endless with this! I see Cannoli. And Ravioli. And Lasagna! O.M.G. this woman is my new hero…”