#YU30 Challenge Final Instructions

YU’ve done it! And before we move on, I insist that you give yourself a pat on the back, a big ole hug or just take a cartwheel right now. Go on… cartwheel it out.

Alllright. Now it’s time to share with your fellow Challengers/community what this experience was like for you.

Here’s what you do in order to be eligible for these incredible prize packages from our sponsors Vitamix, Cuisinart, Vega, Vegucated and Mark Bar:




And everyone who registered, participated in the Challenge and posts a video by March 15, 2013 will receive 50% off of YumUniverse Lifetime Membership which includes:
• 3-Months of Meal Plans
• Every eBook in the YU Library now and forever
• Special deals
• Exclusive access to the YU Member Community.

Follow these instructions and you are golden:


Record a video that is two minutes in length or less
(I increased the time from one minute due to requests).
In your video:
• state your first name
• tell us about your #YU30 experience (why you did it, what your
xgoals were/are, what you accomplished)
• how did YumUniverse/YU community help you through the challenge
• anything else you want to add
If your video is longer than two minutes in length, it won’t be eligible to win prizes (now, read that one again).


Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo (this is the only way to submit, sorry no emailing) with the title “The YumUniverse #YU30 Plant-Powerful Challenge.”


Next, from your shiny new uploaded YouTube or Vimeo video page, click “share,” copy the video url and paste it into this official YU submission form. Fill out all required fields and click submit (videos will be reviewed/approved before posting). Done!

The video submission deadline is March 15, 2013. No exceptions.


Every day, encourage your friends, family, co-workers and community to vote for your video on this page until March 26, 2013. The videos with the highest community votes combined with my personal selects will comprise a pool of 12 finalists. From March 26-March 31 the community will vote for the Top 3 from the finalists. The three videos with the most votes will win in order of vote count.

Winners will be announced the week of April 1, 2013.
– – –

Friendly recap: FIRST, upload a video to YouTube or Vimeo. SECOND, paste your video url into the official YU Submission Form, fill out all fields and submit (make sure you submit by March 15, 2013). Once your video is reviewed and approved, it will post and you can vote once a day, and encourage everyone you know to do the same right here until March 31, 2013. The three videos with the most votes will win incredible prize packages and everyone who completed #YU30 and submitted a video will receive $150 off of YU Lifetime Membership!