A Sneak Peek from YumUniverse the Book: What CAN I Eat?

Sneak Peek Time! As YU may know, I’m sharing little glimpses of the YumUniverse book until the official release date, October 28. 2014. I’m just too excited to not share something with you all.

Since I started this site, countless folks have come to me with food allergies or a strong desire to stop eating animal products and/or gluten for numerous reasons. Many of them are desperate and panicked at the thought of meals without dairy, meat or gluten, wondering “what’s left to eat?” This little vid answers that question…

… and YumUniverse the book reeeeallly answers that question. It provides you with not only 150+ recipes, but the tools and know-how you need to change habits and build the healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted.


Being a newb author, I got excited and wrote too much content for the book. So, most of what wouldn’t fit into 320 pages can still be yours in the form of BONUS materials! Just pre-order before October 28, 2014 to gain access to “Book Owners Central” where you’ll find recipes, charts, how-tos and more.

Why pre-ordering is the way to go:

1. You’ll gain access to the private “Book Owners Central” section of this site.
Just before the book release date, book owners can access this treasure trove of resources, recipes, links, videos and other book related goodies.


2. Also, the cover price of the book is discounted when you pre-order.
Save that extra dough for organic produce and must-have kitchen tools.

3. You’ll gain access to 3 bonus eBooks.
Each is filled with recipes, content that wouldn’t fit in the book, how-tos and videos—I want YU to have all the support you need.

4. When the book arrives in your mailbox, it feels like a birthday gift.
Pre-ordered books always shows up right when you almost forgot you ordered—it’s a gift to your future self.

Tweet it out: Encourage your pals to pre-order so they can get bonuses, too.

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