A Sneak Peek from YumUniverse the Book: “find the fun in it”

As I mentioned in last week’s sneak peek video, YumUniverse the book is not released until October 28, 2014, and because I am Little Miss Impatient, I’ll be sharing some “peeks” until it’s released.

So, I pretty much spent this past winter pecking away at a keyboard for hours (and drinking chicory root latte after chicory root latte). There were also many months where I staged photoshoots all over my house—every window sill, every table, even the hallways. And then there were the recipe-development weeks where I created what my sweetie likes to call: an insurmountable “Dish Mountain”. I’m sure you have a Dish Mountain in your kitchen every now and then, too. If not, tell me you do so I feel like I have my act together.

Creating this book was one of the most challenging projects I’ve ever taken on, but it was no doubt, one of the most fun. Here’s a snapshot…


Being a newbie author, I got excited and wrote too much content for the book. So, most of what wouldn’t fit into 320 pages can still be yours in the form of BONUS materials! Just pre-order before October 28, 2014 to gain access to “Book Owners Central” where you’ll find recipes, charts, how-tos and more.

Why pre-ordering is the way to go:

1. Get a bunch of inspiration that wouldn’t fit into the book.
When you pre-order, you can register for access to “Book Owners Central,” where around release time, book owners can access a treasure trove of resources, recipes, links, videos and other book related goodies.

2. The book costs less when you pre-order.
The cover price of the book is discounted during the pre-order period—save that extra dough for organic produce and must-have kitchen tools.

3. You don’t just get a book, you get 3 bonus eBooks, too.
When you pre-order and register, you’ll get 3 bonus eBooks. One juicy print book and 3 bonus eBooks is a lot of inspiration!

4. When the book arrives in your mailbox, it feels like a birthday gift.
Pre-ordered books always shows up right when you almost forgot you ordered—it’s a gift to your future self. You also get your hands on it long before anyone else.





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