Simple Cashew Cheese Spread

People always tell me “I could never live without cheese.” I used to feel the same way, which is why I motivated to create substitutions like this one.

This simple dairy-free recipe will wow your skeptical friends at parties and probably will become a staple you keep on-hand in your fridge. It is delicious on crackers, used as a dip for veggies, or a spread for sandwiches and wraps. This recipe is incredibly versatile and I encourage adaptations (be sure to share your findings/pics with us). With only a few whole food ingredients and 5-10 minutes of prep time(after soaking, of course), you will have an un-processed dairy replacement with endless possibilities. Experiment, have fun and share!

I have to recommend my go-to gluten-free Herbes de Provence cracker recipe from one of my favorite’s—Elana’s Pantry. I make her recipe with 1 tsp of arrowroot powder (for texture) sifted into the almond flour, and it is fabulous. Yes, fabulous (see crackers above). The recipe is quick and easy. Definitely try it.

Print out this Simple Cashew Cheese Spread recipe

Makes: 2 cups
Prep Time: 1-2hours soaking, 5-10 to prepare

High-powered blender or food processor
Cutting board

1 1/2 cups raw, organic cashews
1-2 cloves organic garlic
1/4 cup pure water (if you make your own, or have access to it, I highly recommend using rejuvelac instead of water for nutrition, digestion and an even stronger “cheese” taste)
2 tbsp fresh, organic lemon juice
1/2 tsp Celtic or pink Himalayan sea salt

Let‘s get started.
Soak your cashews for 1-2 hours. You can skip this step if you are in a hurry.

Rinse cashews well. Place all ingredients in the blender until ultra creamy. That’s it!

I have served two adapted versions of this recipe at my 5-course, plant-based 24 Carrot Supper Club dinners and received rave reviews. One guest even requested more after the meal was complete! (yes, we hooked her up)

Adaptation suggestions:
Here are some fun ideas to change the flavor of this spread. Just add to the blender, to taste.

Chipotle pepper
Pink peppercorn, sumac and honey
Wild-harvested raw honey
Honey and chili pepper
Herbes de Provence
Fresh herbs like dill and/or parsley
Raw or roasted onion
Liquid smoke and maple syrup
Red pepper
Sundried tomato

What flavor would you make this Simple Cashew Cheese Spread?

raw, vegan, plant-based

Read the comments or add yours.

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  1. Alex

    Just made this and it’s delicious – thanks!

    • Alex

      Also, how long will this last?

      • Heather Crosby

        1-2 weeks in an airtight glass container in the fridge. Use Mother Nature’s expiration date detector—your nose 😉

  2. Alexis

    I made this yesterday and brought it to a superbowl party full of omnivores. They loved it! Of course, I did as well. I added some dill to the recipe and it was delicious. Can’t wait to make this again!!

  3. coralee

    can you use soaked and dehydrated cashews for this recipe or do you need to soak again?

    • Heather Crosby

      Hi Coralee, I would just give them a soak again for about 20 minutes to soften them so you get a creamier texture 😉

  4. Hi Heather,

    Can we use Cashew Powder for the recipe? Love your recipes.


    • Heather Crosby

      I’ve never played around with cashew powder, but I assume that it’s simply ground cashews, and if so, I say go for it 😉

  5. Julia Reed

    I am going to try this with my Kombucha instead of water or rejuvelac!
    Also, great with miso and/or braggs amino acids, if you have them handy.

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