Shopping: Farmers’ Markets

Some of the tastiest, freshest, most nutritious food you can eat is that which is grown closest to you—sustainably. Shopping at a farmers’ market helps you slow down, relax and connect with your community. Take time to appreciate the food around you. Meet the fine people who grew that food and ask them questions that you can’t ask the can of beans or frozen vegetables that you may pick up at the supermarket. By purchasing directly from family farmers, you help them stay in business, which helps support your local economy. It’s feel-good shopping, people.

In Chicago, we are lucky to have dozens of seasonal neighborhood markets to choose from. A YumUniverse favorite is the Green City Market, which provides Chicagoans locally-grown organic products year-round. Wahoo! The Green City Market is an explosion of texture, color and incredible smells. They are the only Chicago farmers’ market to provide free resources and educational opportunities about local sustainable issues to shoppers and farmers.

Whether it’s watching a chef demonstration, hearing about a locavore challenge, or simply checking off items from my shopping list, I often find myself invigorated and inspired when I head home from the market. Not something you always hear from folks who return from a grocery shopping experience, eh?

Go visit Green City Market at their indoor location (The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum) or when it warms up at their outdoor location. For you non-Chicagoans, find a local Farmer’s Market anywhere in the country.

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