It’s #YU30 Fall Challenge Time—Register Now!

This past January, I held the first #YU30 Challenge, and we had 1,012 people register from all over the world—Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Germany, UK, France, Morocco, Malaysia, South Africa and Sweden.

One of the coolest things that I noticed about the Challenge was, that even though we had incredible sponsors and prizes, the vast majority of registrants were in it purely for the Challenge. Your motivation came from the best place of all—wanting real change. The prizes were just a cherry on top for all of your amazing efforts.

Well, Fall is coming, and it’s a great time to begin and solidify healthy habits before the holidays arrive. Since the last Challenge in January, I have received many, many requests to hold another #YU30 Challenge, so let’s do it again!

For those of YU who are hesitating, don’t think I can’t hear the “well, I have a wedding next weekend,” or the “but it’s football season,” or even “I’ll just wait until resolution-time in January.” I’m gonna tell you, there is no “perfect” time to start, but the best time is now.

I am simply encouraging YU to test drive a clean, plant-based, gluten-free diet for thirty full days and I’m here, and your fellow Challengers are here, to help all month long.

Here’s what YU do to join in on the fun:

Register to commit and participate by clicking on that giant green button below. You must be registered to receive a free Challenge Starter Packet and to be eligible for prizes (sorry, no exceptions). Former Challengers, please join us again if you like—your experience and insights will help others.

Register for YU30

Check your email after you register to receive your juicy Starter Packet and all the deets for the Challenge including how to access the Challengers-Only Group where you can share progress, hiccups, photos and ask your questions.

Shout your entry from the rooftops, get friends and fam to join YU—it’s always more fun that way.
Get a journal ready to document your challenge.

Choose the meals you want to prepare, create shopping lists and design your Challenge.


Begin the Challenge on kickoff day—September 22, 2013.

WIN PRIZES! Once a week, share a photo of you enjoying your favorite YU recipe. I will select my favorite photo/post that has used the hashtag #YU30, and @YumUniverse when appropriate, on either Twitter, Facebook, the Challengers-only Group (details in registration packet) or Instagram to win:

Dairy Freedom
Week One: The Dairy Freedom eBook
– – –

30 Dinners
Week Two: The 30 Dinners eBook
– – –

YU Test Drive Kit

Week Three:
The YU Test Drive Kit
– – –

Meal Plan Subscription
Week Four: The 3-Month Meal Plan Subscription

– – –

A few important thoughts:
• YU commit to taking on a plant-based diet for 30 days beginning September 22, 2013, by registering for the YU Plant-Powerful Challenge. You MUST register to be eligible for the registration packet/resources and prizes—if you don’t register and if you don’t confirm your registration in the email we send YU, you are not registered. No exceptions.

Everyone who registers for the Challenge gets helpful goodies—A beautiful, interactive PDF Starter Packet and subscription to a weekly newsletter with tips and inspiration from YumUniverse. So basically, everyone wins.
– – –

Register for YU30


– – –

Psst: still wondering if you are up for it? Check out what these past Challengers have to say about #YU30:

Jessica, mother and marathoner, talks about how the Challenge helped her learn new ideas about shopping and how her family responds to the veggie-based meals.

– – –

Mary talks about her experience with endurance training, how YU helped her plan her meals and how she ended up SAVING money eating plant-powerful

– – –

Caitlyn discusses what she wanted to change for her active lifestyle and how YU helped.

– – –

Luiza has some honest, helpful points about the reality of detox symptoms and how to stay on track when you go out to eat.
– – –

Register for YU30

What are your Challenge goals? How can I help? Tell me with a comment below!



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  1. Jessica Sandoval

    I hope to feel lighter. In conjuntion with another challenge I am participating in, I am on the path to great health.

  2. Debbie

    I am interested in the 30 day challenge, but I would love to see an example of a typical day. I am going out of town for 5 days during the challenge and I want to make sure I can still participate being in a hotel and eating out 3 meals a day…Also, what is the cost for the challenge. Thanks I hope to hear from you soon.

    • Heather Crosby

      Hi Debbie! The #YU30 Challenge is free to participate and absolutely customizable. A typical day is the one you set up for yourself. Everyone has different needs and schedules, so if 80% plant-based works best for you, or adding only plant-based dinners to your weekly menu rotation for 30 days, or going “all-in” seems like a Challenge, then go for it. The Starter Packet you receive when you register is filled with recipes, tips and info to help. When you register, you will be able to request to join the Challengers FB Group where you can ask all sorts of question re: travel, etc. Hope you’ll join us! H

  3. Theresa

    I have participated in this challenge before during an excruciatingly BUSY time in my world. I was super excited to see this offered again! I ADORE this wonderful experience you are offering. All the (free) material you provide is just so helpful and rich with information and guidance. VERY much appreciated! I am particularly interested in all the gluten-free guidance…which comes to me as I am researching recipes for the Head Start program that I work with – we have some students with celiac disease and MANY gluten and other allergies…and I am responsible for keeping their food safe. So I am participating in this challenge with those little guys in mind.

    I am really excited to do this! THANK YOU!!!

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