How To’sday: Seeding and Chopping a Tomato

Removing tomato seeds and the jelly/juice that surrounds them is known as “seeding” a tomato. This technique is used to removed excess moisture from a finished recipe like pico de gallo. Removing tomato seeds can also improve the texture, and reduce bitterness from particular recipes. Make sure that for recipes where you remove the seeds/pulp of the tomato, that you include a squeeze of citrus, or a dash of apple cider or red wine vinegar to replace the acid flavor that you removed with the seeding. Try this technique for recipes like Sautéed Rainbow Chard with Tomatoes & Onions.

First, wash your tomatoes.


Slice in half, across the equator of your tomato.


Using a knife…


…or your fingers, lift out the seeds/pulp.


It’s easier to cut a tomato from the inside—it’s a fact.


So, go ahead and slice your seeded tomato into long strips.


And then cut across those strips to create smaller pieces.


Now enjoy however you like!

Try: Rustic Green Tomato Skillet Bread


What recipes do YU use seeded tomatoes in?


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