How-To: Remove Pits from Dates

Dates are a raw food kitchen staple. Their sticky-sweet texture makes them great for binding nuts into bars and tart crusts and they are a subtle sweetener for energy drinks and smoothies. Dates are a natural, unprocessed sugar, with fiber, potassium, calcium, and iron. Using dates as a substitute for refined sugars will save you from the increased heart rate, cloudy thinking, sugar high, obsession to binge, the extra lbs., bloated feeling and most importantly—the sweater on your teeth. A couple Medjool dates (shown here) blended with water and fresh organic lemon juice before a workout make a super-boosting sports drink and dates are quick and easy to prep.

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Let’s get started:
Using a small serrated or pairing knife, slice 1/4″-1/8″ down lengthwise into the date. You should hit the pit. Pull open the date and remove pit.

Easy peasy.

NOTE: Look for sundried dates in your local health food store and try the bulk section for the cost savings. Ask your grocer to stock the ingredients that you need.

Make a date puree for natural sweetening

Make a tasty snack using dates in this Cinnamon Thyme Pumpkin Seeds recipe

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