How-To: Open a Vanilla Bean

Vanilla beans add incredible flavor to many dishes from Cinnamon Date Manna Bread Pudding to Raw Dairy-Free Vanilla Ice Cream. They can be a bit pricey, so make sure to check the bulk section of your grocery store, before you hit the spice aisle, if you are on a budget. Let’s open one!

Sharp knife
Cutting board

Let’s Get Started:
Lightly squeeze your vanilla bean so it is a bit flat. Place on cutting board and carefully slice all the way down its length with your sharp knife.


Use the back of your knife or the back of a spoon to scrape out the caviar-like seeds.


Use the seeds in your recipe and if you’d like to, instead of tossing the pod, soak it in a small jar of maple syrup for an extra tasty gluten-free pancake topping, or place in a bag with sea salt or epsom salt—infuse for 1-2 weeks and then use for nourishing bath soaks.

Be sure to check the bulk section of your health food store for vanilla bean pods if you are looking for significant cost savings.


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