Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Breakfast Roundup

When people find out that I eat a plant-based diet, I am often asked in a sympathetic tone “what DO you eat?” I love this question, because my answer is a confident one—“the possibilities are infinite.” Folks who aren’t acquainted with eating a clean, whole food diet default to thinking that I must lead such a flavorless life of restriction and going without, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Let’s take breakfast for example. Here are 10 of my favorite ways to start the day—better than a nutritionally-void, processed bowl of cereal every time.

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Buckwheat Pancakes

A great base for dozens of delicious adaptations from chocolate chip to apples and cinnamon.

Apple, Pear & Cilantro Green Smoothie

Fresh, easy and full of detoxifying cilantro.

Easy Blueberry & Cherry Granola

Top with fresh, 5-Minute Vanilla Almond Milk, Raw Hemp Milk or Raw Coconut Milk
This cereal is also great as a snack.
Can be gluten-free if you find gluten-free oats or substitute buckwheat for oats

Easy Coconut Kefir Yogurt
Top with fresh fruit or Easy Blueberry & Cherry Granola.

“Cinnamon Toast” Amaranth & Quinoa Protein Power Cereal

Tastes just like buttery cinnamon toast. Delicious plain, or with 5-Minute Vanilla Almond Milk, Raw Hemp Milk or Raw Coconut Milk.

Fresh Apple, Parsley & Chard Green Smoothie

Detoxifying fresh and sweet.

Simple Raw Flax Fruit Salad

For those mornings when you need something quick and easy.

Raw Green Power Juice

If you don’t have a juicer, just blend these ingredients for a savory green smoothie.

Vegan Pumpkin Protein Pancakes

These take a bit more time to prepare, but they are worth every bit. Great to keep in the fridge for a quick snack.

Maya’s Chocolate Cherry SuperFood Smoothie
Dessert for breakfast, yes it’s true.


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  1. Nice round-up..enjoyed looking at those yummy dishes!

  2. Amanda

    Hey! Will you consider creating a breakfast smoothie that incorporates greens with some of the summers organic berries?

    • Amanda~
      I will absolutely come up with some the next few weeks! Stay tuned.

  3. Megan

    The link to the “Cinnamon Toast” Amaranth and Quinoa Power Protein Cereal seems to be broken. I got the 5 day detox program and the link wouldn’t work from that PDF either. I would love to try the recipe though 🙂

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