Georgianne’s Taffy Apple Green Smoothie

The #YU30 Plant-Powerful Challenge kicked off yesterday and I really can’t begin to describe how pumped up I am by all of the incredible participation. I knew that this Challenge would be somethin’ special, but YU have exceeded my expectations already—I sure do love YU guys and gals.

I am personally joining everyone this month by stepping up my green game. My plan is to increase my intake of green smoothies this month, and I have been so dedicated to providing all of YU with resources and videos and inspiration, that I didn’t really have a plan for myself. But Day One came, and YU all started posting your kickoff breakfasts, and my heart began to sing—green smoothies galore! So in full-on participation mode, I made myself a version of YU pal, Georgianne’s, “Taffy Apple” green smoothie this morning. She was the first Challenger to share, and the first one to go on my already-long list of your smoothie creations that I will be making this month. Fresh green apple, almond butter and nutrient-rich greens—you can’t go wrong with this Taffy Apple Green Smoothie. Thanks Georgianne!

Chef’s knife

Try to buy everything organic. Here’s why.
One Granny Smith Apple (you can sub any apple, but your smoothie will be sweeter)
3-4 Medjool dates, pitted (here’s a tip)*
1-2 cups coconut water (you can sub pure water)
3 large leaves chard (you can sub any dark greens here: collards, kale…)
Handful of mixed greens (optional)
Handful of cilantro
1 tbsp raw almond butter

*You can sub Deglet Noor dates here, just add 1-2 more since they are smaller.

Let’s get started.
Cut and core your apple, then toss into the blender. Pit your dates. Add all remaining ingredients to the blender and mix until smooth.

Taffy Apple Green Smoothie

Pour into a glass…

Taffy Apple Green Smoothie

… enjoy!

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  1. Anna

    This was really good! Not quite like what I was expecting but I still drank it up happily. Thanks for the recipe!

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