Fresh Peppermint Tea

The peppermint plant in my garden is enormous. I am using it in every recipe I can, and one of my favorite uses for it lately, is a hot cup of fresh mint tea. If you have never had a cup of tea with fresh mint leaves, you are missing out, and I insist that you give it a try. ASAP. Not only is it soothing and perfectly warming for a crisp Fall day, but mint is known to invigorate, calm anxiety and help with mental focus. The menthol in the leaves, can open up congestion, sooth sore throats and calm coughing, not to mention, it is a great friend to those who suffer from allergies and stomach upset. Did you eat a lot of garlic or onions for lunch? Make a cup of Fresh Peppermint Tea before your late afternoon meeting.

Sometimes, the simplest “recipes” are the most delicious.

Tea Pot or sauce pan for boiling water (no microwaving)
Your favorite tea cup

If you don’t have access to fresh mint leaves from a garden, buy organic. Here’s why.
7-10 fresh mint leaves per cup
1 cup pure water

Let’s get started.
Find a garden, visit the Farmers’ Market, or hit the grocery store and imagine you are here…

Smells fresh and amazing, right?

Pick your leaves from the stems. Give ’em a rinse.

Boil your water. Place leaves in an adorable tea cup and cover with water. Allow to steep for about 5 minutes.

You can remove mint after steeping, or leave them in the tea cup (which I like to do, so I can eat a few leaves). Add honey if you like, but know that it is perfect without it.

Mint leaves are pretty hearty. You can bring them to work and keep them at your desk for a few hours, or keep them in the fridge. Make yourself this tea at the office and it will help you feel a little bit pampered. Make some for a pal who may be having a tough day. You can also pack some tea leaves for a roadtrip—mint helps keep drivers alert and refreshed.

Adaptations & Tips:
1. Add some fresh tarragon leaves to your tea cup before steeping.
2. Open up a 1/4″ slice of a vanilla bean pod and steep with your mint leaves.
3. Add a lemon wedge to your tea.
4. Try all of the above together. Wow.
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  1. I love peppermint tea! So reviving! I love your post as well. Thanks for sharing this article.

  2. Kayla Allen

    I love the “adorable teacup” part! 🙂 I can’t wait to make this, as I have mint plants this year and never have before! Thank you for adding that you can eat the leaves in the tea. Also, do you think this recipe would work the same with spearmint? Thank you!

    • Heather Crosby

      Hi Kayla, Yes, yes, go ahead and try spearmint, too. I bet it’s delish. Enjoy 🙂

  3. K M

    Can you dry mint leaves and use them the same way?

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