How To’sday: DIY Parchment Tulip Cupcake & Muffin Liners

Shown above with Popped Amaranth Muffins

When I was preparing over 3000 samples of food for the YumUniverse Launch Party years ago, I came up with this nifty liner for muffins and cupcakes—out of necessity. See, I like to use unbleached parchment a lot. It is one of my must-have kitchen supplies because it is a non-stick surface that you can not only bake with, but use in unconventional ways, with unconventional baking methods, like rolling out gluten-free doughs with ease and individually wrapping energy bars.

Instead of spending extra money on unbleached parchment muffin liners, or when I want to make some baked treats and I don’t have any, I just cut some parchment from the roll and make some rustic liners in about 5 minutes with this method. Using unbleached parchment liners not only protects your healthy treats from metals while baking, it keeps chlorine and strange dyes (from decorated muffin liners) out of your food, too. Don’t worry, you can still use adorable, colorful liners for parties, etc. Just bake in parchment first, see how easily the treats separate from the paper, and set the baked treats in the colorful liners. Or better yet, nest the rustic liner into the colorful one for a layered effect. You may never go back to baking treats without unbleached parchment again.

Kitchen scissors
A roll of unbleached parchment paper (try to find unbleached=no chlorine)
Muffin/Cupcake tin of your choice (minis or regular)

Let’s get started.
For mini tins, you want to cut lengths of parchment 4″ wide. For regular muffin tins, you want to cut lengths of parchment 6″ wide.

Cut lengths so pieces are square. Now, In an effort to use all the parchment, I will cut the lengths in thirds or fourths (so I don’t leave scraps), knowing that my pieces won’t be perfect—but I like that. You do what suits your needs.

Stack pieces on top of eachother in groups of 5 or 6. Place over one of the muffin compartments and press down with your fingers, shaping the paper to the compartment.

Remove and repeat until you use up all your pieces.

Now, set aside your paper liners until you are ready to bake. Just spoon your batter into liner—it will hold it in place.

Easy peasy.


Now make some of these recipes using these liners:

Cocoa, Kale & Beet Muffins

Banana, Walnut & Chia Muffins

Quinoa, Cranberry & Walnut Muffins




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