Black Bean Noodle Pad Thai with Yellow Squash and Zucchini

While shopping with my friend Amber a few weeks ago I came across organic black bean spaghetti noodles from the same brand that makes the mung bean noodles that I like so much (try mung bean noodles in this Kale Noodle Bowl Recipe with Onion Miso Sauce). I flipped over the pack to read about the ingredients and not only is it just organic black beans and water (nice and clean) but 20.5 grams protein is served up per portion! But what to make with them? Oh, I’ll figure something out, so I tossed them in the cart, unpacked them into the pantry and they sat for a week until last night when my love said “I really want Thai food tonight.” We weren’t planning on making a big dinner—it was later than usual—and after “some should we/or shouldn’t we” we decided to go for making a nice meal tag-team-style. I’m so glad we did. It took us all of 20 minutes to make, and both bowls were almost licked clean. Black Bean Noodle Pad Thai is now in the dinner rotation.

Makes: 3-4 servings
Takes: 20 minutes

Wok or
Large skillet
Chef’s knife
Large pot
Small glass bowl
Whisk or
Small spoon
Silicone spatula or
Wooden spoon

Try to buy everything organic. Here’s why.
1 package black bean noodles (brown rice noodles or any other gluten-free noodles will work too)
1-2 tsp unrefined cold-pressed coconut oil
1 red onion, diced (here’s how)
1 zucchini, diced
1 squash, diced
1 tsp ginger, minced
4 cloves garlic, minced
2 tbsp coconut aminos (I like coconut aminos b/c they are soy-free, but tamari or nama shoyu works fine too)
Juice of 2 limes
2 tbsp raw almond butter
1 tsp sriracha (go for 2 or 3 if you like heat)
3 tbsp sucanat*
2 tbsp toasted sesame oil
2 green onions, sliced thinly
Fresh cilantro, roughly chopped

* No sucanat? You can always put the sauce ingredients in the blender with about 4-6 Medjool dates and blend until smooth


Let’s get started.
Whisk together coconut aminos, almond butter, lime juice, sesame oil, sriracha and sucanat. Set aside.

Start a large pot of boiling water and prepare black bean noodles according to manufacturers instructions. Once noodles are cooked, rinse with cool water and set aside.

In wok or skillet warmed and greased with coconut oil, cook the onion about 7 minutes. Stir in ginger and cook 3 minutes. Add diced squash and zucchini and cook together, stirring occasionally, 5 minutes. Add garlic and cook another 3 minutes.

Add the cooked noodles and the sauce to skillet veggies. Cook for about 3 minutes, stirring well—the sauce will thicken as it cooks.

Serve it hot in your favorite bowls, topped with green onions and cilantro. Enjoy!

Store any leftovers in an airtight glass container in the fridge and reheat on the range—never the microwave.


Blooper for fun (and for my brother who will get a laugh):

These noodles cook up beautifully—handsome even (see above). But I had to share this one photo that didn’t do them justice at. all. See, my Chicago home is full of beautiful sunlight, so taking photos of food is almost effortless. When I am cooking in West Virginia, it is more of a challenge because (while the place is adorable) there isn’t much sunlight in the kitchen. The light that does creep in, can sometimes cast a “blueness” to photos which is frustrating because I have to really “work it” to properly document what is happening as I cook.

This photo made me laugh out loud when I first saw it because it reminds me of one of my favorite movies from way back—which in turn reminds me of laughing with one of my favorite people in the world—my brother. For those of you that are familiar with the classic movie Better Off Dead, all you have to do is look at this picture to know what I am reminded of…

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Better Off Dead, watch it while you eat this delicious Black Bean Noodle Pad Thai, and with every bite, be grateful that it doesn’t look, or taste, like the food in the vid below…

It was only a bad picture taken in bad lighting. Whew.



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  1. KellyLynn

    I’ve so been wanting to try these noodles! Thanks again, as always,for the inspiration!!

  2. wendy j

    would love to find these noodles. mind sharing the brand?

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