Heather Crosby

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About Me
I’m Heather Crosby, a former veggie-phobe turned veggie-lover currently lives in a historic small town in West Virginia.

Like many folks who find their way to clean eating, I decided to become accountable for my health because I had to, and I continue to work on it every day. This site is a place where I share experiences and resources for anyone who wants to feel their best and not compromise the “flavor” in their life to do so.

I have a plant-based certification from the T. Colin Campbell foundation, but I’m a big believer in bio-individuality—that everyone comes to the table with habits, beliefs, tradition, and dietary needs that differ from the person sitting next to you. I also believe that these layers change and evolve over a lifetime. I’m not here to judge or be the food police. I’m here to share ideas, connect, and grow.

I’m a recipe developer who approaches food through a creative lens—breaking the rules a bit and creating sharable, comforting recipes that surprise skeptics and simply make the heart and tastebuds happy.

YumUniverse the Book
I wrote a book that released in 2014 called YumUniverse. It’s a read that covers the WHY, HOW, and EATS for folks who want plant-inspired, gluten-free inspiration for life.

YumUniverse Book

YumUniverse Pantry to Plate
My second book, YumUniverse Pantry to Plate is the ultimate resource for the busy, health-minded home cook. It’s full of 30 mix-and-match recipe templates plus almost 100 recipes for thousands of playful, delicious, and comforting recipe combinations so you can make what you love, with what you have on hand

Gluten-Free Baking
I also created The Gluten-Free Baking Academy for people who want delicious, gum- and junk-free breads without compromising flavor or nutrition. We launch sessions a few times a year and work through 4 magical weeks of game-changing recipes from tortillas, to quick breads, to yeasted sandwich loaves to sourdough.

About the site  
Since 2009, YumUniverse has been dedicated to helping YU (yes, you) simply enjoy eating more plants, without judgement.

It’s a blog, as well as a site that provides meal plans, membership, over 500 free recipes, and more. While it’s constantly evolving, as most things in life, I always want it to feel like an old friend you can rely on.

It’s reader supported, so no ads, but it does use affiliate links to direct readers to recommended ingredients, books, and more.

You can get a free meal plan and sign up for the newsletter here.

Why “YumUniverse?”
When I was told “you’ll be on medication for the rest of your life,” I decided then and there that wasn’t acceptable. I knew I had to get to the root of what was causing illness for me and instinctually, I knew it had to be diet. But how was I, a gal who only ate processed beige foods going to start eating vegetables? What would, or could, I eat?

I took it one step at a time. One new recipe a week, and that eventually led to two, then three… New food by new food and new habit by new habit, my tastebuds adjusted and I realized that there was an entire world of options available to me. Infinite combos, and possibilities of delicious foods. Comforting Mac & Cheese made with health-boosting ingredients, cookies, even new things like fermented foods

You’re picking up what I’m putting down, right? A Universe of yum. Wink. Wink.

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