THRIVE Forward & VEGA Giveaway!

Brendan Brazier, as YU all know, has some serious fans and friends at YumUniverse. I’ve interviewed him and have been sharing his recipes, projects and recommending his books for years now. He was a significant catalyst for my personal plant-based journey and if you don’t know about him yet, it’s time to check out the amazing things he creates for us plant-based folks.

One of his newest offerings is a supercharged/revamped version of his Thrive in 30 Series, called THRIVE Forward. THRIVE Forward is a personalized online video series from Brendan, educating people on a variety of top health subjects like Clean Eating 101, Energy and Weight Management (to name only a few).

Beautifully shot and customized for your needs, this video series will no doubt help you achieve your clean, plant-based goals for 2013 and beyond. Take a look…

Excited? Thought so.

Let’s get you even more pumped up, with an awesome giveaway.

This Giveaway is now over. Thank YU to everyone who entered and congrats to Dustin, Jenna and Chloe!

Brendan is offering THREE VEGA PACKS ($120 value each) to the YumUniverse community! Vega is Brendan’s line of whole food, plant-based nutrition products including Vega One nutritional shakes and his Vega Sport line—products I can’t live without. I believe you even see some in my recent DailyCandy Fridge Tour video…

Each winning VEGA Pack contains:
• One large tub of Vega One Chocolate
• One tub Vega Sport Recovery
• One shaker cup for smoothies and recovery drinks on-the-go
• One well-designed Vega Shopping Bag to house your goodies, and for all the plant-based shopping you’ll be doing this year

So, sound the awesome giveaway bells!

Here’s how you enter:
1. Click here to register for the giveaway (this is the most important step)
2. Leave a comment below telling us what transitioning tips YU need the most help with—what are your biggest hurdles?
3. Tweet out your entry (I make it easy here) and share on Facebook, too.
4. Visit THRIVEForward.com

If you aren’t following us on Twitter yet, or liking us up on Facebook, YU should! I share all sorts of helpful tips and recipes that I don’t always share here, you don’t want to miss ’em.

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Three lucky winners will be chosen at random on January 22, 2013.

Good luck everyone.

– – – FUN – – –

Check out my Protein Power Black Bean Brownie recipe made with Brendan’s Vega One chocolate:

Yep. Brownies made with black beans and plant-based protein powder. It can be done.



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  1. Sarah

    I am a mother of six, and two of my biggest challenges are:
    1 – making a plant based whole foods diet more affordable
    2 – how to help nutrition-defiant teenagers accept a healthier lifestyle.

    I would sooo love any help you have to offer on #2!
    Thanks for all your fabulous recipes!

    • Kylie

      I know my sister would whole-heartedly have to agree with you on this! She is a mother of 8 (step mom of one), and 2 are teens that just have horrible nutrition and do everything they can to eat junk even when she has tried to talk to them about how junk foods affect their moods, sleep, emotions, etc.

  2. I don’t need any help transitioning but I’d LOVE to win this prize!!

  3. I consider myself about 90% vegan and gluten-free. For me the biggest thing is when I eat out; I don’t think to consider how the food is being prepared (with flour/dairy). I took an allergy test that identified sensitivity to gluten, dairy and egg-whites, so I really do need to be more careful! For me it’s just getting into the habit and not feeling like I’m bothering servers to inquire.

  4. dolly

    Looking for tips on main dishes that are not boring.

  5. megan

    Be prepared seems to be the biggest challenge. Shopping lists would be super helpful as I get better at preparing weekly menus so I know I will be prepared everyday! If I am not prepared, that is when I take short cuts, not good.

  6. Jesse

    I think my biggest hurdle is I live alone and don’t want to make a big meal for one. I could always freeze the leftovers and eat them throughout the week… but that makes too much sense. Shopping lists are also a problem because I tend to pick things to make that require a million different ingredients and you only use a little of each.

  7. What I struggle with is the feeling of there being too many unfamiliar ingredients in a lot of the recipes I find, which makes it feel like I cannot afford to transition and eat more than just lentils and veggies every night.

  8. Lorraine

    My biggest challenge living in the NW FL panhandle is access to products and fresh organic produce!

  9. My far the biggest hurdle is attempting to cook dinner with 4 children and with a husband who doesn’t get home from work until 8 p.m. Oh and 3 of the kids are 3 and under! The biggest help from YU has been the easy tip of cooking a bunch of quinoa and storing it in the fridge for easy dinners. Kid approved quinoa tacos!

  10. I don’t need help transitioning but I DO love commenting on YU!
    Thank you for all you do, great giveaway.

  11. Audrey

    I registered.

  12. Audrey

    Tips to curb bingeing and mindless eating, especially at night.

  13. Audrey

    I visited the Thrive website.

  14. Audrey

    I like you on FB

  15. Audrey

    I follow you on Twitter.

  16. Kylie

    I have been plant based for 9 months and have lost 35 pounds. I still need to lose 40-55 pounds, but I seem to have hit a wall. For awhile, I had allowed some convenience foods and gluten back into my diet, and I am wondering if that isn’t what caused the slow down. Anyway, I guess I am curious if there is anything I am missing about steady weight loss. I also agree with other posters about affordability. Our grocery bill doubled when we switched from our processed foods SAD to a plant based diet, and we have actually gone into debt trying to stay healthy. I am to the point that we may be eating oatmeal for every breakfast with banana or grapefruit and some chia, quinoa and vegetables for lunch, and some kind of grain or bean dish with veg for supper. I’m sure there is nothing wrong with that combination, right? I guess I really just can’t afford to make extensive recipes on a regular basis, so they’d have to be saved for special nights.

  17. Courtney

    I’m an omni with vegan leanings who is fast approaching a milestone birthday this year (#40, but who’s counting?). I made it a priority of mine to be much healthier and more mindful of what I eat and how it is prepared.

    Some of my challenges are:
    1. finding suitable swaps for some of the ingredients listed in the recipes- my grocery store doesn’t carry a lot of the items and I don’t have a Whole Foods/health food store nearby. Also- any suggestions on what I can use in place of kale? I just don’t like it…I want to, but I just don’t get it.
    2. I’m having oral surgery next month- do you have any other suggestions on soups and smoothies that will help me get the nutrition I need…

    Anything you can suggest would be great!

  18. Rose

    My biggest challenge is to get back to a (close to) gluten free diet that my children are willing to eat. My husband and I have very adventurous palates but making food exciting and healthy for 2 small boys is an uphill climb.

  19. Erin

    My biggest challenge is getting overwhelmed with preparing food! I would love to win:-)

  20. Carrie

    My biggest hurdle is living with someone who isn’t following a plant based lifestyle. I want to incorporate more raw foods into my diet but I’m the primary dinner maker and don’t want to deprive my partner of they food they want to eat.

  21. My biggest hurdle is keeping up with healthy snacking between meals or late at night. Once I get tired I head directly to the potato chips!

  22. I did not have any trouble giving up eggs or drinking milk, but I am having trouble cutting back on cheese products!

  23. Danielle

    Biggest hurdle: replacing eggs in my diet!

  24. Danielle

    I’ve tweeted, shared on facebook and loved the website!

  25. ember

    i am having trouble keeping energy up after workouts. I am lifting and doing high intensity interval trainibg. some on the go bars would help!

  26. What an amazing giveaway- I’m not sure if I’m eligible to enter being in the UK though?
    Brendan Brazier is so awesome…and don’t tell anyone but I have a little bit of a thing for him!
    Current hurdle is cravings for sweets. After meals I always feel like I need a sweet treat.

  27. We’ve been transitioning for about 1.5 years now – my biggest hurdle is energy to plan menus and be prepared for the week. I always feel great when I can plan out the week’s meals and then go shop and have everything in the house and ready – but when I’m tired or don’t have the energy for the planning phase, everything just feels a little out of control as far as dinners go. I’d imagine that’s not specific to being PLANT-STRONG! 🙂

  28. I am an endurance sport athlete so ensuring sufficient intake of good quality protein from a plant based diet is important to me.

  29. Joana

    I am a triathlete and I need help with foods following workouts. Time is key!

  30. Rebecca Sitton

    Tips on what prepares/keeps well for advance meal planning. I like to cook on the weekend and break it into smaller containers, however worry about how long food keeps. I would assume that whole food without preservatives would spoil quicker. Tips on how to prepare and use Tempeh.

  31. The brownies look great and I’ve been enjoying thrive forward!

  32. Rachel Binder

    I am a vegan who is just returning to fitness and really need the nutritional support to continue to the next level. In addition I finally quit smoking so I feel this round of getting back in shape is even more important than ever. Would jump up and down if I won:)

  33. Pretty painless transition except that – even though I live in a city – it’s can be difficult to find some of the ingredients I would like to try out. Maca. Egg replacer. Even unsweetened coconut can be tough to find even though I do my grocery shopping at 3 different stores.

    I am registered at ThriveForward and am loving it.

  34. Just love the prize!! Been plant-strong for 10+ years!!!

  35. Want another 8-10% body fat off. I move more and consume even more wisely (life-long healthy vegan) but the junk won’t budge.

  36. I use a lot of the vega products, I especially love the sports line. My problem is having the time to make a smoothie on the go most of the time.

  37. Fanie

    Hello! I’m a girl, age 22, from Montreal, proudly plant-based vegan and I LOVE Vega’s products. I like to read about nutrition, especially performance nutrition (I use to run a lot and be active) that can help me to thrive and run over and over again…Thank you for all your interesting work!

  38. mamashanti

    The delicious recipes have been the biggest inspiration. Exciting food, is a big deal to me. Saying goodbye to dairy has been a challenge. Learning how to lose the cheese & save the flavor has been fab. ThankYU!

  39. Greg King

    I find Avoiding meat products pretty easy but, dairy almost impossible! How do I avoid butter, milk and eggs!

  40. Jordan D

    I’ve gotten into the habit of eating late at night and can’t seem to break it, which I hate! I definitely need help with that this year, because it’s always unhealthy food choices :/

  41. Kerry

    One of my biggest hurdles has been cooking for two people with drastically different diets. I’m vegan, and trying to eat a healthy, unprocessed whole foods diet, and my husband is a meat and dairy loving omnivore who loves processed foods.
    Another hurdle has been eating out with friends who don’t share my dietary needs. It’s hard for me to find something to eat when we end up at a steakhouse!

  42. I am excited about this giveaway! One of my biggest hurdles is finding ways to eat clean while traveling.

  43. I’ve tweeted and shared on facebook. I love your website!

  44. Kerry

    I tweeted about my entry in the giveaway!

  45. Kerry

    I visited the Thrive Forward website!

  46. Gwen

    For me it is going out to eat. I have a hard time straying from my normal “burger and fries with a beer” !! A salad just doesn’t satisfy like a burger. Need help big time here.

  47. Gwen

    Eating out is my biggest challenge. I have a very hard time making a healthy plant based choice when faced with burgers and fries.

  48. Bethany

    My biggest hurdles with a healthy plant-based diet is portion control. I do not have control over my favorite foods. Also I need to pick healthier choices and resist temptation. It is ap great sometimes.

  49. Maria

    The biggest hurdle for me is doing the extra planning before going on trips or out to eat. Also, I need to work on my willpower when at someone else’s house or on vacation because sometimes it gets too easy to give in to pressure from others. I always try to bring my own food so I don’t inconvenience anyone else, and I feel guilty turning down food offered by others. I’m getting much better at this but it’s still something I need to work on.

  50. Kim

    I seem to have a problem putting DOWN yummy vegan food.

  51. hi, my biggest challenge in transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle is an omnivore husband who is extremely resistant to meat and dairy substitutes. i have used several YU recipes for hearty, satisfying meals that do NOT try to replicate those foods (but rather present full and interesting flavor profiles of their own) and those have been the most successful, but it’s still difficult to imagine that my refrigerator will ever NOT contain cow milk *and* nut milk, cow cheese *and* soy cheese, etc. etc. — the husband is absolutely not interested in transitioning with me, and it’s difficult to have to prepare two versions of so many meals.

  52. Kim

    My biggest hurdle is late night snacking! I always have cravings at night – still learning how to handle this!

  53. Tara

    I have trouble with variety. I tend to make a few things and repeat them over and over which gets boring.

  54. Beth

    My biggest challenge is overcoming late-night snacking… especially when I come home from a tough day at work! Thanks for such an awesome giveaway 🙂

  55. Heather

    My biggest hurdle is making it to the grocery store every day! I don’t have a whole fridge to myself, so I have limited space to keep fresh fruits & veges – so I have to go on a daily basis : / which isn’t always easy, but I’ve been trying!

  56. Mich

    My biggest challenge is cooking. I really really want to but don’t know where to begin. How do I shop? What tools do I need? What should I always have on hand?
    This is why I like powders and shakes – makes it simple 🙂

  57. Angelina

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a VEGA PACK!! My biggest hurdle is continuing to eat healthy at work and on the go-please help!

  58. Rebecca @RUtheMOMof

    With 5 kids I always am trying to give them the best food I can find and have been trying to go as clean and pure as possible this would get me in the right direction

  59. Liz

    My biggest hurdle is that I find it hard to stop eating when I am really active and working out hard. I am an athelete/fighter who is really interested in maintaining a vegan diet, but I have a hard time not being hungry an hour after I am done eating. I feel like I am still on a rollercoaster when I transition to plant-based and, especially, raw. I need to find out how to better incorperate filling foods that sustain my energy levels.

  60. YU have made my conversion to plantbased clean living a success! It is so great to pop on see what new recipes you’ve shared along with learn about all these fun new ingredients that can be easily added to your diet for some extra fuel (read: CHIA!).

    Thank YU!

  61. The biggest hinderances to a thriving lifestyle and diet in my opinion is the society we live in and the false information we are constantly bombarded with about what we should eat, who we should buy it from, what nutrients we need more of, etc…especially when it comes to animal products! This can lead to difficulties and pressures in social situations that make it harder to always THRIVE, but both Vega and YU make it a lot easier and more empowering 🙂

  62. Sarah

    My biggest challenge has been adapting to dorm-life, and maintaining my gluten-free and vegan diet. Living without a kitchen and minimal storage space has been really tricky, but I’m getting better at making it work. I would still love some tips and tricks to make it easier though!

  63. Shelby

    I struggle with finding balance and not overdoing certain food groups like relying too heavily on fruits, for example, or nuts/seeds as well as figuring out the right balance of macronutrients. Winning this pack would be so helpful in my journey to better health, as I am trying to heal my body from several autoimmune issues


  64. I need tips on clean eating, and recipes for two are always helpful! 🙂

  65. Carrie

    The biggest challenge for me is preparing meals/ingredients so I am ready in a pinch. Yum Universe has already helped me immensely on that front!

  66. Emily

    I tweeted the giveaway!

  67. Emily

    I’m already registered for Thrive Forward!

  68. Emily

    I visit the Thrive Forward website daily!

  69. Mel

    As a college student, it is difficult for me to find the money and access to healthy, whole foods. I have always wanted to be fully committed but sometimes the money just isn’t there!

  70. Emily

    My biggest hurdle would be meal prepping and planning at the beginning of the week!

  71. Anna

    I`m currently dealing with my biggest hurdle…and that is allowing myself to be nourished and enjoying the food that I eat(recovery anorexia) A few months ago, I began being interested in the raw food lifestyle and kept with it for a while,but having lapses with wanting something cooked also…so then began eating some unhealthy stuff. I then found YU and it`s not just helping me with good tasting healthy recipes,it also is set out and explained in such a way,that makes the recipes easy for me to understand(I also have aspergers) and I`m aiming for a good balance between cooked and raw,so maybe a few more raw recipes on YU would be good.There is already so much great information on YU Thankyou YU

  72. Thi

    Biggest challenge? Converting my family to understand better.

  73. Hardest for me is finding place to eat when I travel because I do that frequently for work.

  74. Theresa J

    My biggest hurdle is being prepared and making it affordable

  75. Desina

    My eating habits are pretty good, but since I am job hunting and running out of money, I haven’t been eating as many fresh vegetables and fruit as I’d like. Once I’m working again, that can change.

    I think my biggest challenge for a healthier lifestyle in general is my lack of exercise. I take the dog out a few times a day, with at least one longer walk, but I feel the need for more activity, and more energy to get me going. Of course, if I was more active, I bet I’d have more energy…

  76. Jennifer

    I need help transitioning to better eating habits within a budget so that I can provide for not just myself, but my husband and son as well with healthy foods! Thanks for any help you have!

  77. Erica Gomez

    The one problem that I am always facing is when I go out to eat with friends and family I have a hard time putting together a complete meal for myself. I suffer from alot of food allergies and sensitivities, so finding something to eat for me in a restaurant is very challenging. Any help or advise for dining out without going hungry would be very helpful.

  78. maura

    I would love some help on getting teenagers to eat a plant based diet.

    Thanks for all your info. and help!!

  79. My biggest hurdle is staying away from temptation!

  80. Christy

    probably with finding enough energy to do things while eating healthy. Maybe i’m still detoxing, but I’ve been so tired since starting a vegan diet

  81. Christy

    I looked at Thrive Forward’s website, and it looks really helpful and interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  82. Christy

    Tweeted (@sunobie) and shared (Facebook name Christy Reed) 🙂 Thanks!

  83. Sharanya

    My biggest hurdle is not eating enough raw food like salads and temptations like chocolate late at night

  84. Dani

    I’m a protein junkie… I’m struggling with finding non-meat options.

  85. Laura S

    My biggest hurdles are figuring out what to do for snacks! And preferably ones that don’t need tons of pre-preparation – I mean the kind of snacks that you can whip up just like that!
    Thanks for hosting this contest! 🙂
    – Laura S

  86. Elli Stylianou

    I have recently started working out again, and it has been quite the transition! I think this pack would help me greatly. 🙂

  87. DC Annie

    Hurdles to thriving: 1) Storage: now that I have lots of basics, I never clever ways to maximize storage given limited kitchen space in an urban studio—all while trying to minimize costs (which sometimes means having to buy larger quantities). AND 2) Optimizing shopping to make several different recipes using repeat ingredients.

  88. juliet

    I love cheese! that’s my biggest challenge. seriously. other than that, doing pretty well 🙂 Your recipes are phenomenal! I follow you on twitter and retweeted this one. I also LOVE the vega products but their pricepoint is at time prohibitive.

  89. I’ve already transitioned and am living a healthy, plant-based lifestyle. But I love Vega products and I love Brendan’s new site, so I’d love to be in the draw to win xo

  90. Jillian

    Getting enough of the nutrients that I need as a vegan college student who works out a lot is definitely a challenge!

  91. Jen

    I am fit and exercise regularly with weights, pilates, yoga, running. I would love help transitioning to more protein rich meals that are lower in carbs. I find while trying to go vegan I am eating more carbs and fat and less protein? This might be just my brain needing to adjust to the fact that carbs and fat are okay and I don’t need to eat as much protein to keep fit.

    Thank you

  92. I’ve overcome a lot of hurdles, but my biggest challenge has been saying no to people offering me my weakness food – chocolate and eating out. Vegetarian eating is hard enough when the vegetarian option at every restaurant isn’t even vegetarian (risotto!) let along vegan!

  93. I need more variety in my diet, as well as working out how to do gluten-free, soy-free and still fuel my weight training and dance activities. I’m going to need a lot of help and this pack would be sooo amazing. I just bought the Thrive book and love Brendan’s approach to nutrition.

  94. Jodie

    My hurdle is making sure I get enough protein.

  95. Julie

    I need help A- organizing my kitchen to make food prep A-easier and B- less time consuming and also need help convincing my hubby to jump on board with me!

  96. Hi Heather!

    FINALLY! Someone else I can share my affinity for all things VEGA! Thank you so much for including these fabulous products in a giveaway. I swear by their shakes for a post-workout boost or as a healthy snack alternative during the day. After years of neglecting my health, falling victim to unhealthy diets, and eventually battling an eating disorder…I found going vegan has helped me finally take hold of my health for good. I love filling my body with healthy, whole, plant-based, fresh, foods :). My main challenge has been trying to fit in more protein (because I work out a lot). the VEGA shakes have helped with this–especially when I get busy at work and can’t eat a full lunch away from my desk. One challenge I still need help on, however, is coming up with vegan meals that even my non-vegan boyfriend can enjoy! We love to eat together, but one of these days it would be nice if we could enjoy the same thing 😉

    –Ashley Michelle

  97. Nancy

    Making healthy food for me and something different for my hubby as he won’t eat what I eat most of the time. Trying to find meals we both can share without making two separate meals.

  98. Jessie

    my biggest hurdle is a combination of living with an omnivore and not planning ahead – i just need to keep working at being more organized.

  99. Kim

    One of hurdles is creating a ‘manly’ plant based meal for my Fiance!! 🙂

  100. Tina Paymaster

    I live and love the vegetarian (and almost vegan/gluten free) lifestyle that I lead. I feel I’ve found the right balance of nutrients to stay energized, but there are days I feel a bit low on the energy scale and feel that there could be nutrients I need to increase in my diet.

  101. Sarah

    I need help with clean eating on the go/traveling and transitioning the family. Hubby and I are doing great and I have been making modified meals for the family but trying to open minds a little more and branch out to try new things. So far things have gone a lot better since we started it is just a few things we are working on.

  102. I’m pretty illiterate when it comes to knowing how to fuel my body for workouts and after workouts. I could use some help!

  103. Ashley

    I need help cutting out my dependence on processed food…thanks so much for the giveaway!

  104. Transitioning from a diet that includes meat to a full veggie diet… and how to maintain vitamin and mineral balance.

  105. My biggest challenge is meal planning; I don’t know why I can’t get into a groove! Oftentimes I do fine flying by the seat of my pants, but lately, I’ve been wishing I were more organized and planned ahead…

  106. Tracie

    In the past year I have given up most meat and recently began eating a lot more plant-based foods. Although I am usually pretty good, I sometimes need reminders on night-time snacking. So any tips to curb bingeing and mindless eating would be great. Also, veggies can be expensive, especially when the hubs isn’t fully in like I am, so I have to buy more food for him. Ideas?

  107. Kelly B

    My biggest hurdle is eating at relatives homes. I try and bring my own food when it works out but when I can’t I feel like there is nothing available to eat that they are serving.

  108. Kelly B

    Hi again
    I liked YumUniverse.

  109. Kelly B

    I signed up at Thrive Forward. Looks like a wealth of reading ahead of me. I do love reading about health and fitness. one of Brendan’s books is how I learned about hemp seeds and hemp protein powder. Now my fridge is never w/out them. thanks

  110. Andree

    I just moved and it has been a huge challenge to get myself motivated to walk to the gym in the insanely cold weather we’ve been having.
    Also, as a student sharing an apartment it can be challenging to maintain a healthy and affordable diet without exceeding my available cupboard and fridge space.

  111. Julia

    I eat a vegan diet, but, I don’t always eat “clean” especially when time or money is tight.
    I guess anything that helps me remember to choose well is a good thing!

  112. Brittany Fisher

    I am an 18 year old college student, so my biggest challenge in transitioning to a plant based diet/lifestyle is finding whole foods at affordable prices. Since I was 16 years old I have lost over 100 pounds by educating myself on proper nutrition and exercise. I’m looking to improve my nutrition and fitness everyday, but it is certainly challenging to find quality food at good prices.

  113. I have already transitioned but currently working on increasing my protein. I know that has been beaten to death but as an athlete one needs more than you think and it can become a challenge for higher protein needs.

  114. Jen Bennett

    I am working very hard to shift further into a plant based lifestyle and while I’m already vegetarian, my biggest hurdles in pushing a little further are time and cheese. I don’t have a lot of time usually but I love to cook an put yummy things together so it becomes a little internal battle. Luckily I don’t like milk at all so I avoid dairy on that end, but I loooooove cheese. I’ve been searching for replacements but I think I probably have to just come to terms with the fact that I have to just let cheese go.

  115. S

    I love cheeseburgers.

  116. Jason Lee

    Eating more healthier to prevent my eczema flare-up. The hardest is giving up the food that I normally eat, but probably contributing to my eczema flare-up. Even though it might be difficult, I am slowly adjusting to a better and healthier me!

  117. GG

    As I am studying more and more about healthy eating, I am spending too much money running to the shop to buy the next must needed item. I need more time and creativity to make this transition easier and less expensive. Yum Universe and Thrive forward are helping me in this journey, and for that- I thank both of you.

  118. Hilary

    I’m not sure if this is an issue with transitioning – but I need BIGTIME help with learning to listen to my body and its cues, especially fullness! Through years of dieting and eating disorders, I’ve totally overridden these cues and always end up eating to the point of discomfort. 🙁 Making progress everyday, though! 🙂

  119. Nicole

    We are slowly transitioning to a more plant-based diet, but my biggest hurdle is sweet stuff. lol I really enjoy any kind of baked sweet treat. 🙂 My daughter has a cows milk intolerance so she is on almond and coconut milks, and I’d like to switch her over to gluten-free, too. My dad has a gluten intolerance and I am starting to wonder if she does, too.

  120. Susan

    I find it really difficult not to feel uncomfortable going out to eat with friends or when I visit friend’s homes for dinner. I have only just made the transition to a predominantly vegan diet 4/5 months ago, but have strayed more often than I’d like, simply because I don’t want to be a problem guest for people and make them feel as awkward as I do. As a result, I feel even worse. I understand that changing to a plant based way of life takes time and effort, but do you have any advise on how to over come this as quickly as possible?

  121. Stella nourse

    Looking for tips on healthy dishes that don’t cost a fortune

  122. ellie

    need help not having to cook meat for others

  123. laurie

    My biggest hurdle in plant based eating is cost. But I’ve learned less is more in a plant based lifestyle as nutrient rich foods are more filling therefore you eat less and crave less as well!

  124. Ann

    I transitioned to Vegan last summer. I am a hard gainer, 44, female. The toughest thing for me with intense workouts is making sure I get what I need at the right times. I’d love to have a fitness menu! 🙂

  125. Terri Misch

    Thank you so much for all of the helpful information! My biggest hurdle is reaching my caloric intake for my active lifestyle, without compromising my dietary ethics. I am so grateful to have been turned on to Vega Sport Performance protein powder at my local supplement shop, and in turn finding Yumuniverse!

  126. Jenn c

    I’m already 100% vegan – but I’d love to find a vegan protein powder that doesn’t make me gassy! And which doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

  127. Kimberly Morghan

    My biggest challenge is eating enough veggies and fruits in the winter, especially salads, since I tend to steer more towards carbs. So I’m slowly adding in more veggies and salads despite the fact that my body doesn’t like cold foods on cold days.

  128. Kimberly Morghan

    Tweeted, posted on Facebook, and I’ve already been doing the Thrive Forward lessons.

  129. Damaris Gomez

    I’m new to this. I just started to live a vegan lifestyle and it couldn’t come to soon. I’m 37 with very high cholesterol and on 1/19/2013 my sons friends mother had a heart attack and passed away. I don’t want to be next. So I need all the help you can send me. Thank you.

  130. skye

    I struggle with consistency, time and getting my 3 year old on board with me !

  131. I especially need help with meals for my kids. So far they haven’t liked much of what I’ve made. They would live on plain noodles if it were up to them!

  132. Jennifer K

    I need help giving up sugar!

  133. Jennifer K

    I tweeted and shared on FB as well. Now visiting the Thriveforward site 🙂

  134. heather

    This year I really want to get back to being a vegetarian i think the only help i need from YU is maybe fighting the cravings of junk foods.

  135. Jennifer

    I am a vegan now for, 4 months, I would like to find ways as well to make plant based eating cost efficient. I spend WAY too much money. I would also like to find easier ways to eat gluten and soy free, not such gluten cuz there are tons of gluten free things to eat, but soy, soy is in everything!!
    I have been drinking another vegan shake, but switched to Vega one, it is much tastier and less powdery tasting, I would love to will this prize!!

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