Raw Green Power Juice

There are many combinations for a delicious Raw Green Vegetable Juice, but this one ends up being the one that I make the most. I try my best to make it daily. It is a savory mix of dark, organic greens, parsley, celery, lemon juice and a touch of sweetness from organic carrots. Feel free to add fresh herbs, a clove of garlic, a dash of sea salt, ginger or cayenne to change it up. Don’t have a juicer? Add 1/2 to 1 cup of water and blend these healing veggies until smooth in your high-powered blender. Drink it as a smoothie or eat it as a green veggie soup. Any way is a great way to get in large amounts of chlorophyll and cleansing, energizing greens.

Makes: approx:4 cups  |  Preparation Time: 15mins

*Don’t have a juicer? Add 1/2 to 1 cup of water to the ingredients below and blend until smooth in your high-powered blender. Drink as a smoothie or eat it as green veggie soup. The amounts below are for juicing, so if you will be blending as a smoothie, cut ingredient quantities in half or a quarter.

1 large bunch, or box, of organic spinach (can add or substitute organic kale)
handful of organic baby carrots, or 1/2 cup chopped organic carrots
1/2 bunch of organic parsley (no need to remove stems)
Wedges of one fresh, organic lemon (remove seeds) or fresh squeezed juice of one organic lemon
7-10 stalks of organic celery
1 tsp pink Himalayan Sea Salt or Celtic Sea Salt (optional)

Let’s Get Started:
Run all of your ingredients through the juicer, then pour your juice in a lovely glass and enjoy fresh. You can store juice in the fridge for a few days, but know that it will separate and lose some of its energy as each day goes by. You may also need to stir or shake it since it will probably separate, but don’t let this discourage you. Making juice ahead of time so you have it for the next few days is better than not getting in your juice at all.

Raw Green Power Juice


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  1. When I juice lemons in my omega juicer I cut the rind off but leave the seeds. When you make a smoothie w/ a high speed blender, I assume I also cut the rind off? Just wanted to confirm what is best and most nutritious.

    • Hello Denise: I know people who juice the whole lemon, rind and all. I tend to use zest in my smoothies and juices, only because the white of the rind is a bit bitter for my taste. I have read though, that the white, sponge-like part of the rind is full of nutritional goodness, so I may just give it a go again. Try zesting your lemon (after a solid washing) and adding that to your smoothie. Feeling adventurous? Add some of the whole rind with your lemon wedges to your smoothie—be nice to your blender though, remove seeds. If you don’t want to use the rind/zest or you have rind left over, there are a ton of fun things you can do to use those scraps. Everything from naturally cleaning your disposal to infusing organic vodka!

  2. Amanda Leno

    Do you have a juicer you recommend? When I look at reviews online I’m overwhelmed with the options!

    • Heather Crosby

      Hi Amanda,
      The Omega masticating juicers are terrific.
      Best of luck!

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