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Raw Carrot Almond Crunch Maki

There are countless ways to make delicious, fish-free, raw sushi maki and this Raw Carrot Almond Crunch Maki is one of those ways. It uses our Raw Carrot Almond Pate and not only is it colorful and delicious, but it has all the right textures you’d expect from your favorite sushi restaurant. Raw Carrot Almond Crunch Maki is full of live, enzyme-rich, alkalizing ingredients like sunflower sprouts, soaked almonds and untoasted nori. Bonus—no sushi rolling mat necessary.

Makes: approx. 20 slices  |  Soak Time: 6-8hrsPrep Time: 10-20minsDehydration Time: 6-8hrs

Tools needed
Food Processor (for Raw Carrot Almond Pate only)

Try to buy everything organic. Here’s why.
For Maki:
1 sheet of Raw untoasted Nori
Raw Carrot Almond Pate
Organic sunflower sprouts
Black sesame Gomasio
Salty Sweet Kale Chips or Almond Crunch Kale Chips
1 organic carrot
Avocado (optional)
Cucumber (optional)

For Drizzle Sauce (optional: do not use if you have a gluten sensitivity):
1 tsp coconut aminos (or nama shoyu or tamari if you don’t have a sensitivity to gluten/soy)
1 tsp maple syrup
1 tsp toasted sesame oil

Let’s Get Started
Grate your organic carrots. Rise and dry your sunflower sprouts either with a paper towel or in a salad spinner.


Assemble all of your maki ingredients. Currently, I do not have a sushi rolling mat, but that doesn’t keep me from making sushi rolls. Lay out your sheet of nori on a piece of parchment paper (if you are like me) or on a proper rolling mat if you have one.


Spoon your Raw Carrot Almond Pate in a line perpendicular to the pre-cut lines in your nori. Top with shredded carrots.


Sprinkle with Gomasio and place some kale chips and sunflower sprouts on your filling.


Begin rolling your sushi as tightly as possible until you are about 1 inch from completely rolled, then dampen the edge of the nori with some fresh water. I just dip my finger in fresh water and run it along the edge of the nori sheet to seal the roll.


With a sharp knife, slice your roll along the precut lines of your nori. If you want to get fancy, top your maki with the Drizzle Sauce. All you have to do is stir those ingredients together in a small dish and “drizzle” on top of your sliced roll. Grab your chopsticks and go to town.

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