Eat For Your Organs: Beet, Carrot & Celery Juice

We think so much about what tastes good when we eat that it’s easy to forget about what we need. A little reminder I got as I visited the amazing Wendy Beyer for my very first colonic. However, I was relieved to know that my body seems to assimilate food quickly. Upon closer inspection, it seemed my liver and gallbladder could use a little help (a little known fact: stress affects these organs and after almost a decade of an unhappy relationship and constant worry, I know my body has taken the brunt and is still teeming with the aftermath—it is a constant labor of love.)

However, by staying positive, living a balanced life, being in a blissfully joyful relationship and naturally detoxing my body through the foods I eat, I will continue to stay on track and “rejuvenate” my body as best I can.

One of the greatest ways to do this is juicing. For those of you who don’t have a juicer, a blender can work wonders too, but a juicer really is worth the small investment. I am ashamed to admit I had mine for years before I pulled it from the cabinet (as I always assumed the clean-up would be too laborious—not so.)

While you can juice just about any fruit and vegetable, there are some that will truly detox and support the organs better than others. The star ingredient in this recipe? Beets. Beets naturally detox the liver. They thin the bile, which enables it to flow more easily through the liver and small intestine. Their intense flavor will stay with you (WARNING: do not be alarmed if you see a “red” color when you go to the loo.)

Beets have an intense flavor. For this juice, I combined beets (my husband adores beets) with celery, apples and carrots. When juicing, look for red delicious apples, whose peels are the most nutritious.

1-2 beets: Supports liver and small intestine function
6-9 carrots: A rich source of vitamin A, carrots also improve the overall tissue of liver.
3-6 stalks celery: Celery replenishes the skeletal needs of the body and is a good source of vitamins B2, B6, C, and K. Celery reduces stress hormones and toxin levels by cleaning the liver, gall bladder and kidneys.
2-3 apples: Apples help with gall bladder, liver function, and kidneys.

Let’s get started.
Note: Follow your juicer’s instructions. There’s no one way to juice. Some people pop in the fruit or vegetable with the skin, some don’t. Some cut their fruits and veggies into pieces. Some don’t. Experiment to see what works best for you.

1. If your beets aren’t peeled, you can wash and peel them and cut off the stems. Wash your carrots and peel (or keep the peel on). Rinse celery and cut off ends. Chop apple (get rid of core), and you’re good to go!

2. Juice carrots, then beets, then celery and apples. Whisk together and enjoy!

3. If you have a pet (like our little pup) and all ingredients are safe, share some of the pulp. It will improve their fur quality and keep their colon very healthy!


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  1. I never thought about feeding the pulp part to the dog! That’s genius!

  2. silvia

    But please make sure those veggies are safe for your dog…I gave my dog peas and she felt so sick.. Now she’s fine.. but I felt pretty bad..

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