Cocomama Wild Blueberry Banana Breakfast Cakes with Vanilla Date Cream Sauce (and Giveaway!)

If you are one of those people who love a nice hot breakfast cereal, but can’t seem to make the time to prepare it, please meet gluten-free, frankenfood-free and preservative-free, Cocomama Quinoa Cereals. They have solved all of your troubles, just like a good B.F.F. (Breakfast Friend Forever) should. These little packages are full of wholesome, cooked quinoa and fruit, and are ready to eat right out of the pouch, warmed or cold. Your breakfast life will never be the same.

And don’t overlook how perfect they are for travelers. Gluten-free, whole food roadtrips everywhere just became way easier.


I thought it would be fun to take this cereal to the next level—breakfast cakes! Which flavor to choose from though? Banana Cinnamon, Orange Cranberry, Honey Almond or Wild Blueberry? Yes, that’s it. Wild Blueberry…with almonds…and banana…and flax…and a nice, simple vanilla, date cashew cream sauce. Let’s do it!


Makes: 5-6 mini cakes
Time: 15 minutes (minus optional soaking times)

Small plate
Skillet or pan
Medium bowl
Chef’s knife
Silicone spatula or large spoon

For cakes
1 packet of Cocomama Wild Blueberry Quinoa Cereal
1/3 cup raw almonds, ideally soaked and dehydrated (how and why)
1/2-1/4 organic banana
1/3 cup fresh, organic blueberries (you can also use frozen, just thaw them first)
2 tbsp ground golden flax meal, or freshly ground flax seeds (just use a coffee grinder)
1/4 cup unpasteurized, organic almond flour, or any gluten-free flour of your choice (I used almond)
Pinch sea salt
Coconut oil for greasing pan

For cream sauce
1/4 cup organic cashews, soaked for about 1 hour (you don’t have to soak, soaking makes the sauce creamier)
3 medjool dates, pitted (how to remove pits)
Seeds from 1 organic vanilla bean (how to open) or X organic vanilla extract (be sure to look for gluten-free if you have a sensitivity)
1/2 pure water or coconut milk (make your own)
Pinch sea salt


Let’s get started.
Open your pouch of Cocomama Cereal and place it in a bowl.

Chop up almonds and toss into bowl with cereal.

Add ground flax and chopped bananas.

Carefully fold into cereal.

Now fold in some blueberries.

Lightly grease a pan with coconut oil and warm to medium/medium-high heat.

Place your gluten-free flour on a plate nearby.

Shape cereal mixture into small patties.

Dust both sides of your patty with gluten-free flour, reshape if necessary, and place in pan.

While cakes are browning, about 5-7 minutes on each side, toss all sauce ingredients in a blender and mix until thoroughly blended and creamy.

Remove cakes from pan, sprinkle with chopped banana, fresh blueberries and vanilla cream sauce.

Eat and enjoy!

Want to try Cocomama Quinoa Cereal? I know you do.

Tell us how you’d enjoy your Cocomama, what flavor you want to try and/or how the ready-to-eat pouches would change your breakfast/travel routine below. We will choose a winner at random on June 12, 2011, to receive a Cocomama Sample Pack (multiple flavors).

BONUS: all of YU get 15% off all Cocomama products until June 15, 2011! Stock up on ready to eat, whole food cereals for all those summer trips. Just use the coupon code YUMUNIVERSE at checkout.

Yay for easier, whole food breakfast! High-fives for Cocomama.





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  1. Yum! Those cakes look awesome! I’d love to try all three flavors, but the Wild Berry seems especially tasty now that I’ve seen this recipe.

  2. Julia

    Wow! I can’t believe this new cereal! Definitely YUM! I have a friend who is obsessed with meal replacements because she travels so much, and it scares me to death. I’m going to be telling her about this cereal today! I think the honey almond flavor sounds interesting because of the extra goodness of the kaniwa. I might top it with crunchy almonds, a sprinkle of flax seeds, and some thin slices of fresh banana. But I’d also like to try the banana cinnamon in a dessert dish with dark chocolate shavings on top since I love banana bread with chocolate!

  3. rebecca

    Blueberry or if there is any strawberry that’s my pick!

  4. I like the wild blueberry and I use it in my whole wheat pancake mix. I just fold them in and cook’em on the griddle. yummy!

  5. Heather

    Oh my goodness! Those look amazing. I would love to try the blueberry and use it to make those cakes. It would be great for breakfasts at work too.

  6. Wow, those look yummy! I would absolutely love to try these, as they would be a great on-the-run lunch (yes, I eat breakfast any time of the day!) and it would be great when I go to visit my parents or my boyfriend’s family, so I am not lugging a huge box of cereal!
    I would love to try the orange and fresh cranberry, though blueberries are my favorite, too!

  7. Melanie

    These look so yummy. They would be perfect to take with I travel and when running errands. The wild blueberry would be my first choice. The recipe looks delish

  8. Yummy! I would love to try this. Having a gluten allergy makes it hard to find foods while on the road, so I am always having to think ahead and pack my own things. I am off to Curacao in a couple of weeks and trying to plan what to bring, both for convenience and to save money on the road while eating healthy. The wild blueberry looks delish! Banana cinnamon and honey almond also look delish! Great recipe!

  9. Thanks for the win of the cereals..they were very yummy! My husband really enjoyed the honey almond. I used the orange cranberry in a muffin recipe. Thanks again

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