Almond Crunch Kale Chips and Glamping YumUniverse Style

This past weekend, YU Contributor Maya Henderson and I took out my newly rehabbed 1968 Shasta Loflyte Trailer for a quick Glamping (oh yes, glamorous luxury camping) trip to Kettle Moraine State Forest in Wisconsin. I prepared a ton of tasty YumUniverse recipes for our adventure and one of them is a new favorite, Almond Crunch Kale Chips. I thought I’d share that recipe and our overall menu with YU. Don’t be surprised what foods make easy, healthy camping eats. It just takes a little bit of prep.

The Menu

Pear Cilantro Smoothie (I just made this at home the day we left and bottled it up in recycled bottles)

Buckwheat Soba Noodles with Steamed Veggies

Raw Carrot Cake Bars with Buttercream Drizzle (recipe coming soon!)

GT’s MultiGreen Kombucha (serve in a wine glass for maximum glampage)

Snacks & Roadtrip Food
Raw Fall Apple Cayenne Crisps

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus with Snap Peas
Almond Crunch Kale Chips (make them with the recipe below)

Almond Crunch Kale Chips are prepared kinda like Salty Sweet Kale Chips. You can dehydrate them or bake them at a low temp in the oven until crispy.

Kitchen scissors or
A sharp knife
Dehydrator or
Cookie sheet lined with parchment paper
Large glass bowl

Buy everything organic if you can. Here’s why.
3 heads organic kale
2 tsp cold-pressed virgin coconut oil or olive oil
Handful of Organic Almond Flour (or finely ground almonds made in the food processor)
Pinch fine ground sea salt (don’t over salt, the flavor intensifies once baked/dehydrated)

1. Wash and remove stems from kale. No need to chop the leaves.
2. In a large bowl, massage oil, salt and almonds into leaves until they wilt.
3. Either lay them on a parchment-lined cookie sheet or on a few dehydrator screens.
4. Bake at 170°F-200°F for 20-30 minutes until dried and crispy—check on your kale every 10 mins.
5. If you are using a dehydrator, just dry the kale at 95-100°F for 4-6 hours or until crispy.



…back to glamping. Contributor Rea Frey Holguin was supposed to join us as well, but the poor thing came down with a stomach bug the day before take off and she couldn’t join us—physically at least. In spirit, and as a paper cutout, Rea was there taking in the smell of the pine, the unusually warm temps and all the plant-based goodness with us.

We had “serious” fun.

Now, to take Buckwheat Soba Noodles camping couldn’t be easier.

I just boiled the noodles the night before, rinsed them and drizzled a teeny amount of toasted sesame oil on them. Then I placed them in a bag, shook it up a bit and put it in the cooler. I then washed and chopped my veggies, wrapped them in unbleached parchment paper and then wrapped them again in aluminum foil. They also went in the cooler. I toasted some sesame seeds and wrapped them in parchment securing it with a rubber band. I blended up the sauce and poured it in a recycled jam jar. All contents went in the cooler.

Once I got a huge fire going, I just placed my foil-wrapped veggies over it for about 10 minutes, and let Maya beat me at a few games of Crazy 8’s. When I was done letting her think she was winning, veggies were done. We just loaded up our adorable wooden bowls with noodles, warm veggies, sauce, fresh cilantro (I packed this, too), sesame seeds and then went to town. With chopsticks, of course. It just wouldn’t be glamping without them.

For the record, Maya considers glamping real camping. But I have to say that in a tent, you don’t have a sunny dinette…

…or a snuggly couch…

or artwork and red velvet pillows.





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  1. Ha! You LET me win a couple rounds of Crazy 8′s? Don’t think so!
    I’ve been addicted to these kale chips since we glamped. Planning on making a huge batch this weekend. :)

  2. Oh my God, I am DYING laughing right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the greatest thing I have EVER seen! Paper cut out!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!! :)

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