Acai Mojitos and VeeV Acai Spirit Giveaway!

Hundreds of lucky guests sampled VeeV Acai Spirit in Acai Mojitos at the YumUniverse Launch Party on August 12—and the reviews were rave. We have had so many requests for the mojito recipe, that VeeV has shared it with us, so we can share it with you.

Bonus: we are giving away one free bottle of this delicious superfood spirit with a pitcher to make the fresh Acai Mojito recipe below. Just tell us what cocktail creation you would make with VeeV and we will select a winner on September 10.

VeeV is the world’s first Acai [ah-SIGH-ee] spirit made from one of the most preeminent superfruits. They donate $1 per bottle sold, back to the Brazilian Rainforest, their berries are sustainably harvested through The Sustainable Acai Project, they are the industry’s first certified carbon neutral company and their distillery is the only one in America to get their power through renewable wind energy.

Thirsty yet?

The VeeV Acai Mojito Pitcher
Makes: 6 servings
Preparation Time: 5-10mins

Large spoon

Pure ice
1/2 bottle of VeeV
5 ounces of organic simple syrup
6 ounces of fresh, organic lime juice
4 ounces or organic blueberry puree
Handful of whole, organic blueberries
5 sprigs of organic mint
Club soda

Let’s get started:
Muddle the mint in the bottom of the pitcher. Fill pitcher 3/4 full with ice. Add all ingredients, except whole blueberries, and stir well. Top individual drinks with fresh blueberries and enjoy.

Win a bottle of VeeV Acai Spirit and a handy pitcher to make Acai Mojitos!

Just share with us your comments and ideas for the cocktail creation you would make with VeeV. Is it sophisticated and simple with just fresh juice and spirit, or do you have an elaborate combination idea? One luckypants winner* will be selected on September 10.

– – –
*Winner will be chosen randomly, and you must be of legal drinking age to win.
– – –

Thank you for all of the inspiring comments and congratulations to Heather!

Read the comments or add yours.

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  1. Kristin

    Veev and Gingerale

  2. Jill

    I would make a Acai and Lemoncello cocktail with homemade Lemoncello!

  3. wes

    I woul take it on the rocks

  4. Ang

    I think this would be really good with champagne, like a mimosa but better.

  5. Nice giveaway! Mine would be very simple…just the juice and the spirit…sounds lovely btw!…thank you!

  6. Melissa

    I would use Veev, gin, Fever Tree tonic water, and a generous amount of lime. Perfect cocktail for me!

  7. Robin

    pretty sure i would kick it with fizzy (or as i like to say, jazzy) water, lemon and lime. simple and refreshing!

  8. Ashley

    I would try it with orange juice…yum! 🙂

  9. Stacey

    Delicious! I would mix it with some organic blueberry juice that was mixed with the Sodastream (makes water fizzy, perfect for homemade sodas!).

  10. Jaya Bhumitra

    Veev and blood orange with a splash of ginger ale and pomegranate flavored ice cubes…

  11. Heather

    I think this would be great over ice with some Tropical V-8 Splash Lite. Yum!

  12. I think I would like it with cranberry juice 🙂

  13. Steve

    I’d use Veev, Naked Juice’s Green Machine (to keep it organic) and club soda. I call it a Thicky Icky (ooh-wee). Lol.

  14. neon green punch

    3 parts veev
    2 part midori
    3 parts limeade mix
    garnish with lime rounds

  15. Carrie

    -agave nectar
    -fresh squeezed lemon juice
    -hibiscus iced tea
    -served with a lemon twist
    -possibly topped with a bit of sparkling wine if i’m feeling fancy

  16. MIke

    A new version of the Cosmo for the ladies.
    Lime juice
    Acai Juice

    Shake til chilled
    pour into Martini glass and add a twist

  17. meggie

    Just tried this in a Mojito… ahhh HEAVEN! its perfect for a hot day… like today! hee hee!

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